Sharon was clearing her desk when Chrissy popped in to say good night. She nodded her reply absently pausing at Justin's patient file.

Will he come back? Did he take my advice to get some rest? What am I doing worrying about him, thought Sharon, shaking her head. In a way this was good news. She'd never have to see him again and relive those feelings. Plus he didn't recognize her.

That bastard! After all he'd done how the hell he didn't recognize her!?

"Um, Dr. Cooper," said Chrissy interrupting the battle going on inside Sharon.

"Yes," she replied, ignoring the stabbing of thousand pin pricks in her chest. She slipped on her coat and wondered at the concerned look on her receptionist's face. "What is it?"

"Mr. Boyd left angry this morning..."

"Oh," said Sharon and cocked her head. "Did he do or say something to-"

"No, no," she almost shouted, stepping forward and with an implored look. "He just looked very upset. And lonely. He will come back won't he? You can help him right?"

Sharon gave a smile and slowly shook her head. That was one question that had been plaguing her all day. Unfortunately, it was an answer only the man himself can give. "I don't know. But I hope so."

"I hope so. Good night then. See you tomorrow."

Sharon took another look inside Justin's file and stared at this marital status. Divorced. And obviously the source of his outburst and mad dash out of her office.

The man was not coping well with his divorce. Sharon was curious about what led to the breakdown of the marriage. More than likely Justin did something his ex-wife couldn't forgive him for. The best thing for him, if they'll have any more sessions in the future, is to help him realize and accept that the partner does not owe you forgiveness.

Typical man. Shaking her head, Sharon placed his file along with the rest inside her bag. When they do dirt they expect for us to be okay with it. Forgive them and move on like nothing happened. Like saying 'it didn't mean nothing' was enough. But turn it around and have a woman do the same wrong they did, they blow like Mount Vesuvius.

She'd never understood how a man refused to understand that they're being silly. Both male and female did the same crime yet the consequences and the punishments weren't the same.

They go all alpha male on you when another man trespasses on their property. Then they're the same ones who didn't appreciate what they had. And had to step out on trespass somewhere else too.

At least Casey never did that to her. Oh he did want someone else. The invitation proved that.

Sharon sighed and thought of Kim prompting to move on earlier that day. Maybe she should. Clearly, he didn't want her in his life. Or else, he would've came to her or called to tell her he was getting married. He called to talk to his son and the last time he did he promised to be a chaperone on their field trip. Which he never showed or never explained. Leaving Sharon to comfort their son for a week that his daddy did love him.

Guess wedding plans had him too busy to pick up a phone or text. Or that fiancee of his convinced him not to go.

No more. Kim was right. She should've let him go a long time ago.

Sharon opened the desk drawer, pulled out the invitation and stuffed it in her bag. She'll call as soon as she got home. Should have plenty of time to think about what to say after Uber picks her and CJ up to get her car and go home.

Well, at least that was what she thought when she had to wait an extra thirty minutes for her car, paying an arm, a leg and a spleen. Yet It give Kim plenty of time to meet her at the garage and follow her home. And still on a cat in heat high over Justin.

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