Hey, I'm back! And Happy 2017!
NaNoWriMo was a bust but I'm not down and out. Will work on my NaNo novel, Harbingers of El Tinor, later in the year. In the meantime, I'll continue writing Dreaming of You.

So without further ado, here is chapter 8. Enjoy! :-D

"I'm telling you, Kim," said Sharon an hour later. Pacing up and down in front of her desk she'd updated Kim as promised about her disastrous lunch with Casey and his fiance. "The woman was horrid.You should've seen it."

"Horrid? Really?" Sharon didn't need to see her to know that Kim was probably rolling her eyes. "Well as I wasn't there, I'm sure she was. Or it could be just in your head."

"No, don't," replied Sharon, waving her hand around."Don't say I'm making it up."

"Okay. Then I won't."

"But you're still thinking it." Sharon flopped onto her leather chair and sighed.

"Yup. But do go on."

You'd think confronting two of your worst enemies would wipe the smile off your face for good. But Kim had the power to make her lips curl up even if she damn well didn't want to. She was as infuriating and maddening as she was loyal. As crazy as she was a great friend. And any man who wanted to make her his would have to have balls of steel.

"Okay, going on. Barbara, kept holding his hand right in front of me as if she'll breathe her last if she didn't. And flashing that big old rock too." The ring meant for her but kept to herself as Kim would open a can of whupass on her if she did. She might be fine with the venting but that kind of talk was I'm-Not-Over-Casey talk. Something that Kim will try to nip in a bud with the intensity of a hydrogen bomb. All to protect her best friend from herself and from ruining Kim's Find-My-BFF-A-New-Man plan. And speaking of men... "Worse was when Justin showed up-"

"Hold up! Wait." Oh shit-I mean darn. "Who showed up?"

Sharon shook her head. "No one."

"Stop lie. I know who showed up. I just want you to say his name."

"What for?"

"Your voice gets a little huskiness to it. Like your panting and can't wait to get you some of him, when you say his name."

"I do not..." Do I, thought Sharon. She was practically on his lap begging for a treat when the man didn't even say 'sit.' And to hear how Kim explained it, not only her body refuse to obey her. Even her voice betrayed Sharon.

Sharon groaned and for the second time that afternoon, rested her head in defeat in her hand and tried to block out all traces of Justin. And her crazy reactions towards him since the moment he stepped into her office.

It was so unfair. He was supposed to be bald and fat, with yellowing and missing teeth. He'd be so much easier to ignore. Sharon didn't want to clench her thighs to dam back the heat that flooded down to her sex when he smiled. Or the strains of desire pulsing in her veins at the sound of his voice. How just being near him made her want to take her clothes, jump on him and ride that pony.

Pony...that's it. Justin probably has a tiny pony. Though Sharon will never admit out loud how fine the man was, there at least have to be something wrong with him. There's always something wrong. If fate couldn't bless Justin with thinning hair and a pot belly. Then fate should've rewarded her by giving him a teeny, weeny dick.

Yup. He definitely had a dick the size of Plankton from Spongebob. Karma would make it so because karma owed her for all the grief she's suffered. Then and now.

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