Sharon spent the next three days trying to apologize to Kim but she wasn't having any of it. Her calls went straight to voicemail. Kim even blocked her on Twitter and unfriended her on Facebook. If she said she wasn't scared of losing her best friend then she'd be a monkey's uncle, aunty, niece and nephew.

Sharon had replayed the scene in her head and she still couldn't believe she said what she said. Kim had only gave her the same advice she'd given since before CJ was even born. When she admitted that Casey didn't want to be a father. He'd never wanted to be.

Kim had always been skeptical about their relationship. Most times she'd kept quiet about it but Sharon knew that Kim never liked him. Hell, she said so herself the times she couldn't keep quiet. Going on and on how they'd made sense on paper but were a mess in real life. And not appreciating how Sharon loved him more than him her.

Casey was everything she ever wanted. Good looking, graduated from a prestige university, had a steady income from practicing sports medicine and came from stable, loving family. He was almost the male version of her and together they would've had the normal life she'd craved.

Hearing Kim telling her to move on and start dating other men on top of the miserable week she had had been too much. And she was right. Yet she'd held onto hope that he'd settle down with her and CJ one day. A hope that dwindled to a speck of a dust once she'd received the invite. Still she held onto it.

It was time to let him go. Her head knew it and her heart fluttered in a losing fight to it. She didn't know how she'll do it but first Sharon had to get Kim to forgive her. She only had one card to play and its success hinged on doing it face to face.

So on day two of the James-Cooper conflict, Sharon took the afternoon off and went to Potomac Mills Mall. Where she bought two symbols of her surrender. A $100 Visa gift card. And a mix and match aromatherapy and body care gift set, painstakingly chosen, from Bath & Body Works.

Armed with the devices to getting her best friend's forgiveness, Sharon then drove up to Arlington to Kim's condo in high spirits and butterflies. Parking in the building's garage, she made her way to the elevator and press for the eleventh floor.

Sharon had keys to Kim's apartment but thought that ringing the bell would be best. Better than making her angrier by coming in, on the off chance she wasn't home, when she clearly didn't want anything to do with her at the moment.

Sharon turned right and made her way down the hall. She stopped in front of her door and knocked six times. Two slow raps, followed by three fast ones and a final knock. Their code.

She heard movement behind the door and took a deep breath. Thoughts of if Kim would open the door or not swirled inside her head until Sharon was sure she was sweating buckets of sweat. And soon she'd be standing in a puddle of it.

What if she really didn't open the door? Maybe she should've called first?

Kim must know it's me as she must be looking through the peephole. The deadbolt unlocked without a loud click and Sharon smiled. This could work out. She can fix this.

Kim opened the door wide and stood before her wearing looking like a sleepy headed fairy in a too large, wrinkly shirt that engulfed her. Her kinky curls bunched up on one side.

Sharon arched her brow at the shirt.It was black, had a golden crown in the middle and the words Sean John. Definitely, not something from her closet.

Momentarily distracted and embarrassed Sharon forgot the words to the apology she practiced. And before she could gather her thoughts, Kim gave her a wicked little grin. Right before she slammed the door in her face.

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