Dear hypocrite,

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Hey, let's get something clear:

I'm not going to apologize for your actions, words, and shit personality.

I expected an apology, not a five yea old whining and playing the victim card.

You treat your friends terribly.

You lied to your friends.

You probably just lost some.

Tell me, was it worth it?

Was it worth it to throw yourself a pity party, for your own selfish reasons? Or did you just want more attention?

I, for one, didn't give two shits when people were telling me you were going to "kill yourself".

Why did I not care?

Because it is like karma to me.

You tell others to kill themselves, but then get upset and now the others are telling you to kill yourself.

Was it worth it?

Was it actually?

Stop and think before you post something:

"Why am I posting this?"

Because maybe?
Just maybe?

A brain cell will work for once and tell you:

"You shouldn't post this."

15 years old is only the years you've been alive.
Not your mental age.
Your mental age is how you act.

And I know your mental age --

It's 5 years old.

How about you log off and log back on --- ONLY when you act your age, and understand what friends are and how you are at fault for this.

You do not deserve to be forgiven,
For the following:

- Ship bashing
- Telling people to die
- Telling people to kill themselves
- Lying about suicide
- Lying to your friends
- Being hypocritical
- Being immature
- Lying to everyone
- Crying and whining when you get a taste of your own medicine.

I have sent all screenshots of what you have said and done, your other accounts, and the harassing you have done on here...

All of that was sent in an email to Wattpad HQ.

So you can see yet again, another mature person tell you that you have broken the rules of Wattpad.



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