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Why are you so weak?

Because I didn't chug a glass of milk before going to school.

(( Okay. I'm not pissy, but I am curious as to why Budo would be a "martial arts master" yet he can get beat by Ayano? Like shouldn't he be some badass level of "tf how"?
I think he shouldnt be able to be killed as easily?
If you are a master of one of the most skilled based fighting styles, you should be able to beat someone who is attempting to stab you.

I don't know if he's going to be worked on, or if he'll be left like he is.
I just think a Martial Arts Master should be able to whip your ass and beat the hell out of you if you try to kill him.

Tl;dr Budo's title is inaccurate if he can be killed face to face by Yandere-chan. He should be stronger/harder to beat. ))

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