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Lately I like to think Budo and Kaga are related as step brothers or half brothers.

The brain and the braun.

One is book smart,
One is street smart.

One is crazy smart,
One is crazy strong.

They have like the color scheme of Ying and Yang??
But so do a lot of people/characters.

I don't know, they look similar but not IDENTICAL.
They would be the type to like help each other with their weakspots?

Budo would struggle like hell to do English lessons, and Kaga would just pull out his Oxford Dictionary.

Kaga would make a stupid remark to someone on the street, and Budo would defend the albino looking guy from an ass whooping.

Budo would need academic support,
Kaga would need physical support.

I know it sounds dumb. But I really can't stop seeing them as step brothers or half brothers anymore.

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