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Let me elaborate on my last chapter.

I have bumped into so many "hate this ship" clubs in the Yandere Simulator fandom.

One for:
Ayano x Taro
Budo x Osana
Budo x Ayano
Taro x Any rival
Budo x Shin
Budo x Oka
YanDev x Midori
Mai x YanDev

The list continues.


This fandom has so many fucking hate clubs? That it drives new people away.

I'm 100% aware that there is completey chill Ayando shippers, but some of the shippers? Need to calm the fuck down.
They force the ship down your throat.

These hate clubs? Are horrid and sickening. You would dedicate your time to hate something instead of finding ways to better the fandom.

If I come at you and start asking questions about why you joined one?
This is why. It drives people away from the fandom and Yandere Simulator.

It's probably hard for YandereDev to watch people turn away or straight up leave the fandom because a few hate clubs sprinted up to them, and scared them off.

I know my grammar is shitty rn but im angered.

I don't mean to be a cunt by saying this,
"If you are in a hate club, you have lost my respect"

So please understand why I am so pissy with people who support/are in hate clubs.

If you don't like a ship? Cool.
Just don't make/join a whole club dedicated to hating the poor thing.

If you do like a ship? Cool.
Just don't ram the ship down people's throats.



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