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I DO NOT want you to comment your opinions.

I do NOT care about them for this.

I will delete them.

Do not argue this with me, this is not a debate.

I have an actual brain.
I'm pretty well educated in this at the moment so...

If you can't define "President" or "Republican/Democrat"?


Then quiet.

Hetalia_Prussia had a rant on people being annyoing and irritating shits.

Who are the main people in this?

They were ranting about this:

"If you voted for third party, you shouldn't be alive"

"If you support Trump? You're ugly and a loser"

"Kys if you like Trump"

"If any of my followers voted for *insert candidate* then block and unfollow me."

"Any Trump supporter should fucking die."

"Hillary supporters should slit their throats"

THAt is the shit they were ranting about.

Those types of people who need to get slapped and have their technology taken away.

And Hetalia_Prussia?
They used an example.

One tumblr user who was involved in telling people that they are ugly for supporting who they believe is the lesser of the two evils.

That they're ugly, losers, to piss off, unfollow, block them, etc.

And morons sit here and dare get pissed at Hetalia_Prussia?

Did you not see the bolded italicized underlined part where Hetalia_Prussia stated that they hated Trump?

I hate Trump too.

But do you see me telling my followers to

go fuck themselves?
Block me
Mute me
Unfollow me
Drink bleach

Just because of their opinions that may differ from mine?


Because I'm a decent humanbeing who is in fact not going to sink down to Trumps level.

Isn't that stuff something that Trump would say???

K wow.

They're just like Trump.
Why is that?

A butthurt person who can't just bite their lip and understand this one major fucking fact:

Donald Trump will not have power like most think he will.

He will most likely be a figurehead.

He is not an emperor, a totalitarian dictator, a king in full monarchy, or anything powerful.

He is just a figure head.

The Queen of England is one as well.
The King of Sweden is one.

He can talk shit,
But it isn't gonna happen.

Congress do NOT like him. Most of his republican chairs didn't vote for him.

The wall he wants to finish?
Not gonna happen.

Nuking the Middle East?
Like fucking hell that's gonna happen.
That would be a crime against humanity.

Not all extremists are Muslim, not all Muslims are extremists.

There are Christian extremists.
Ever hear of the Christan Crusade?


Back to the topic.

The user that Hetalia_Prussia used in their rant?
Was an example.
I talked to her and she said that they were an example of those types of people.

And you guus need to let this click in your heads ----

Donald Trump could be ---

Not listened to
Shut away
Denied anything he puts to congress

He is there for 4 years.

We had Obama for 8.

If we can survive 8 fucking years of Obama(care)?

We can deal with this rotting orange for 4 years, unless he gets impeached or "taken out".

So literally calm your tits and dicks.

Trump: i wanna do this this & this.

Congress: ... hm... no.

Trump: but im president!

Congress: k and we're congress?

The things he wants to do?
Probably won't happen tbh.

Chill tf out.

Again I don't want to fucking debate this.
Because I'm probably a bit more educated in this.

And I don't want you to waste your time typing.

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