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Average [Ayano x Budo] by Sabishix
Average [Ayano x Budo]by Onajishi
In a life so average for our favourite karate boy, will he be willing to change when his life becomes less average? What or rather *who* will Budo change for? Find out h...
Yandere simulator X reader one-shots by undertalegarbage666
Yandere simulator X reader one-sho...by Crippling depression
Just some one-shots for the Yandere simulator characters.
Why me? -A Oka X Budo Story- by kairibeesting
Why me? -A Oka X Budo Story-by kairibeesting
Oka has been distracted lately. She usually focuses on her occult club work but, a certain someone has been on her mind. . .
✿Her Innocence, Her Purity✿ [Male Rivals X Reader X Various] by xXMeko_MailXx
✿Her Innocence, Her Purity✿ [Male...by M3K0
✿I've always been told I'm not like my sister and mother. That I didn't have the same bland look in my eyes, or that I was much more....real. My sister had always loved...
Do It (Budo x Taro) A Yandere Simulator Fanfic (Boy x Boy) by TheShippinati
Do It (Budo x Taro) A Yandere Simu...by Shippi
After finding out that Taro has taken a mutual interest to Budo, Ayano tricks some of the girls at school (that also have a crush on Taro) to form a secret team. Ayano's...
(Budo X Ayano) The Original Senpai by WarningBattle37
(Budo X Ayano) The Original Senpaiby WarningBattle37
We all know when we get heartbreak on yandere simulator we reset and try to win senpai's (Taro Yamada) heart this is how the game always is, but is Taro the original sen...
~Don't Worry, I'll Keep You Safe: Budo Masuta X Reader~ by QueenOfNekoWriters
~Don't Worry, I'll Keep You Safe:...by DaydreamingNeko
Hello! This is my first Yandere Simulator story. I hope you like it. I've worked on this very hard, so, please don't be mean/harsh in the comments. Here's a mini descri...
A New Senpai (A Yandere-Simulator Fanfic) by HoM32TuCk
A New Senpai (A Yandere-Simulator...by HoM32TuCk
Budo Masuta has taken an interest in Ayano Aishi ever since she joined the Karate Club. A story where a senpai tries to get the attention of his underclassman. (Budo x A...
We Were Meant To Be (Budo x Taro) by Gem_Duckling
We Were Meant To Be (Budo x Taro)by Gem_Duckling
The leader of the Martial Arts Club, Budo Masuta, has developed feelings for his fellow classmate, Taro Yamada. After Budo befriends him, Taro starts to fall for him bac...
Who's the true Yandere now? ---Ayano Aishi X Budo Masuta X Taro Yamada--- by kairibeesting
Who's the true Yandere now? ---Aya...by kairibeesting
Taro has finally noticed Ayano after Osana moved away but, Budo has fallen in love with Ayano too. Ayano is torn between to potential yanderes yearning for love. Who wil...
Ms.Troublemaker and the Hero (Budo Masuta X Reader) by Lady_midnight_writer
Ms.Troublemaker and the Hero (Budo...by Yu can go HIATUS
Update:Story is completed! Sequel is out! Title of it is "Dealing with a Delinquent" (Name), someone who was feared by almost everyone in school due to some pa...
Ms. Shy Pouty & The Leader (Budo X Reader) by KasuganoSenpai
Ms. Shy Pouty & The Leader (Budo X...by Kasey
Update-- Completed fully see last chapter if you want a sequel! <Name> is a transfer student from Europe. She had trouble speaking Japanese when she first arrived...
𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐜𝐤 || 𝙔𝙖𝙣.𝙎𝙞𝙢 by Incogtor
𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐜𝐤 || 𝙔𝙖𝙣.𝙎�...by ••Incogtor••
𝐒𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: On his First week attending Academi high as a new foreign exchange student from South Korea, he unbeknownst made 13 'Male' students fall head over heel...
He tastes like you only sweeter Budo x Ayano  by ilovejakyboo
He tastes like you only sweeter Bu...by s0rry
A yandere girl does a lot for her senpai but when she loses him to another girl what will happen? She is killing for sport now and a guy notices. They both want to chang...
Cherry Blossoms (AyanoxBudo One-shots) by arychases
Cherry Blossoms (AyanoxBudo One-sh...by Ary Chases
"When the cherry blossoms hit the ground, someone is bound to fall" A collection of Ayano/Budo one-shots! Follow our main characters as they enter alternate u...
♡Nothing I Bake Is As Sweet As You♡ (Ayano x Amai) by RubberSucker
♡Nothing I Bake Is As Sweet As You...by ⭐NIGHTMARE⭐
Ayano has been stalking Taro Yamada for years. It's currently junior year, and she plans on confessing to him. But what happens when a new girl shows up and makes Ayano...
Love is war...PT2 by Yanase_oken33
Love is war...PT2by Kite_wrabbit
Yes this is Yanase_Oken i am not taking the story and I lost my first account sorry for the inconvenience
To Feel (Yandere-chan x Male rivals) by Cupcake_Yuiki
To Feel (Yandere-chan x Male rival...by Cupcake_Yuiki
What will happen if someone mysterious gave Yandere Simulator's main character what she want's the most ? To feel emotions . . . But every thing has a price, right? (Ya...
Yandere Simulator One-Shots by impetewentzfrommcr_
Yandere Simulator One-Shotsby Clementine ayee
This is going to be a book containing a bunch of Yandere Simulator one-shots. If you have a ship you'd like me to make a one-shot for then just send me a message through...