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Time to fulfill your fantasies

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Time to fulfill your fantasies... Because I am going to write these out.
Oh boy.

First Up: Ayano


Budo sat, on the grass by the track, alone. His eyes were focused on a certain girl finishing her last few laps. He kept staring at her, even if he were noticed by her or someone else... Was everyone else blind? Did no one else think she did it? He knew she did it. Someone who is quiet and invisible when wanted? They have to be the killer.

The upperclassman decided to confront her. Maybe she would confess to it if she knew that he knew!

Budo walked over to her; eyes locked on her and her movements. He tapped her shoulder and flashed a warm smile.

"Hi! Can I talk to you for a moment?" Budo tilted his head with the question.

Her ponytail bounced with her slow nod.

"Great! So... I was curious as to where you were when Ko-" He was cut off by her dragging him around a corner of the gym; completely out of sight.

"... Where were you when Kokona was murdered?"

"In my class, where were you?"

"In my class as well."

"Well. Case closed." She nodded and turned to leave.

"Actually!" He stopped her, putting a hand in her shoulder "I did see you with a bucket of gasoline and a pack of matches... Right before Kokona-Chan was... You know... Set on fire..."

"... What are you sayi-"

Budo slammed her into the wall, his eyes narrowed as a smirk spread on his face. He looked a little more than insane at the moment.

"I know it was you. I can tell by looking at you!" He laughed quietly.

The girl frowned, her face earned a darker vibe to it, and her eyes went blank.

"Do I need to kill you too? Because I could... Or all of your stupid club members..." She threatened blankly.

Budo only laughed and shook his head. His smirk grew wider.

"I was going to ask if you were taking murder requests." He whispered lowly.

At this point she was confused, yet a smirk spread on her lips as well; matching his sadistic smile.

"Who do you have in mind?" She asked gleefully.

"I want Osana-Chan dead. As soon as possible." He glared just thinking about the bitchy redhead.

The girl in front of him giggled darkly, Budo pulled her closer and held her upper arm tightly. Tight enough to leave marks and maybe bruises.



Budo, out of happiness and a bit of sadism, pulled her head closer. He gave her a rough and harsh kiss on her lips; making sure to bite on her bottom lip and draw some blood.

He ripped himself off of her, deciding that was enough.

For now anyway.

Next up: Shin & Oka


Shin sat in his usual chair and read through the book he had last time. His eyes tried harder than ever to stay on the book, and not look up to the club leaders who were aggressively making out infront of the entire Occult Club.

Budo had his hands on Oka's waist, sometimes they would move down but Oka wpuld push them back up to her waist.

The room was silent otherwise. Everyone had brought earbuds and had music blaring loud enough for Shin to name the song.

But he forgot his at home, so he was forced to listen to Oka whimpering and squeaking whenever Budo grabbed or did something "kinky".

Shin looked up in surprise when the noises from the two stopped. He watched as Oka took out her phone and accepted a call, leaving Budo to wait in the club room.

"Don't you have a club to lead?" Shin whispered, almost a mutter.

"Excuse me?" Budo turned around, raising an eyebrow at Shin.

"... I just... I think you should go to your club..." He said, managing some courage.

"Club activities don't start until 5:00pm, Shin..." Budo sighed, stepping closer to him.

Shin just nodded and went back to his book.

"Get up." Budo commanded. Shin looked up instantly, he hesitantly stood up and stared at the martial artist.

Budo walked towards Shin, until Shin was pressed against the bookself next to his chair.

"Do you like hearing those sounds Oka makes? The moans and sighs... Watching me touch her... And her grab me...?" Budo asked, no emotions were on his face. "Do you get off on it, Shin? Watching us make out?"

Budo moved his hands to Shin's waist, a small smirk was hidden in his eyes. Yet Shin could tell it was there.

"Why don't I show you... Why she makes those noises..." Budo whispered, he softly kissed Shin on the lips.

Only for a second though.

"Woah... What the Hell?" Kokuma said out loud.

Budo slowly removed himself from Shin and smiled at her.

"Sorry for interrupting. I have a club to lead. Goodbye Shin. You have my phone number, so don't be afraid to ask for more." Budo said with a cocky tone.

He chuckled and walked out of the club room with a deep smirk.
While Shin sat against the bookcase wondering what just fucking happened.

There ya gooooo

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