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3/4 the fans of Yandere Simulator: i am a yandereeeee!!!! i can killlll you!!!!! imma cute little kiler rite???? riet. cuz imma yandereeeeee!!!!


See. My friend lef the fandom because of that shit.

I bet all of the people saying "im a cute little yandere!" bullshit???

Would fucking sob if they even hurt an cat or dog.

See... You claim you're a yandere/psycho/nothing hurts you.
But lets fucking stop with the bullshit.

" i can be a yandere if i want!"

You can also be cancerous to the fandom as well, I see.

You can also be cancerous to the fandom as well, I see

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Stop tryna touch Budo's dick tho.
Like fuck off.
He doesnt need a probably 14 year-old running up and saying, and this will be a quote from someone,

"Hey Mr. martial arts ! i can show you my talent if you pull down your pants! *Wink at u* sense your my boyfriend after all!"

That is why I hate most roleplays now.

Holy shit.

Do not. Do not do that please.

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