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What's your opinion on the Yakuza idea?


(( I see how it could be useful, and would help bring that serious/dark tone back to the game!
I don't know if it's a good idea.
It's like when Seth Rogen and James Franco made "The Interview", it was used for entertainment but it also pissed off North Koreans.
I think gangs should be left alone, and out of media displays, due to them possibly not wanting to be viewed like so.
I mean, yes; they are a part of modern Japan.
It might be a little on the cautious side,
You would need to be careful to not upset them.
Like any other gang, they probably won't take lightly to be mocked.

I see how it would be a good addition,
But I also see where it could go wrong.
So it's just how YandereDev goes about it and potrays them. ))

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