Chapter 15 Jay The Drama Queen

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   Angela's POV

"Kid, wake up!" a grotty voice said. They shook me endlessly without a hint of mercy until I finally decided to reach out and smack them like I would my alarm clock.

   "Shut up," I muttered, rubbing the grogginess out of my eyes.

   "The heck was that for?" the voice, which I soon found to be was Caleb, whined. He glared at me, tucking away an item in his pocket before chastening his hair.

   "Was there a reason for you waking me up? If there is, it better be good." I rose an expectant eyebrow whilst removing myself from the warmth of Kayla's bed covers. "Sleep is practically my life at this point."

  "No." I reached out to punch him, teeth gritted in annoyance. "Kidding, kidding. Sheesh, kid, learn to take a joke."

   "Kid?" I scoffed. "It's a two year difference you dumbtwat." I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes at him.

   "Yeah, but only you would use 'dumbtwat' as an insult. Admit it Angie, you're as much a kid as a five year old." He snickered mockingly and flicked my forehead. "Kid."

   "Do you have a point or not? Because I sure do enjoy sleeping over talking to you," I sneered, trying to keep myself from throwing him under the biggest bus I could find.

"Yes, actually," he stated, face now contorting into one full of seriousness. "Kayla has some news that may interest you."

"Stop being so enigmatic and come out with it already," I tutted.

"Okay," Caleb said with a sarcastic look, "a cure may or may not be on its way. And you may or may not be injected with something right up that neck of yours. But you know," he shrugged childishly, "I'm so cryptic you might not end up catching my drift."

   "Wait—Stick a what in my where?" I shuttered, eyes widened in anxiety as a small, jittery sensation coursed my veins.

   "Relax yourself," he said with an indifferent snort, "it's better than living with the risk of becoming brain dead. Think of it that way, and I'm sure you won't even feel it." He let out a small laugh at his teasing explanation.

   "Is that supposed to be comforting?" I spat at him.

   "It can be whatever you wish it is, Angie," he said coolly. "Just get down to the living room and talk to Kayla. I really stopped being interested in this when you started sputtering blood. Seems like a thing Carter and Uncle would like to do." Shrugging, he disappeared from my sight. After he left, a soft thump of a door closing could be heard, so I assumed it was just him going back to his room.

   I glared at the floor.

   You little emo prick, bother me again and I'll make sure you never have the nerve to do it again. He has no right to—


I winced at the overly loud voice that bounced about the thin walls. Recognizing it as Kayla's, I decided to go downstairs for curiosity's sake. I was supposed to be down there anyways, according to Caleb. Not that he was much of a reliable source.

Right when I had put my foot down of the dark wood flooring of the corridor between the living room and kitchen, a small blue blur whizzed past my face. Followed by said our was none other than a frantic Kayla running like her life depended on it.

   "Uh...Kayla?" I asked, unsure of why she was running around like a crazed lunatic.

She continued to run, not even sparing me a glance. I furrowed my eyebrows and peeked to look at what she was running after, and I was a little surprised to see Jay hovering right above Kayla's grasp as she attempted to jump to him. Given her short size, it wasn't that hard for him to do so. Looking a little closer, I saw a tube with a liquid substance clutched tightly in his talons.

    "Give it to me!" Kayla exclaimed, thrashing her hands above her head exasperatedly. Finally, she noticed my presence and acknowledged it by asking me a favor, "Angela, tell him to give it back!"

   "Give what back?" I asked, stifling some laughter as she tried once more to jump at Jay. He twittered and only flew higher, giving her a mocking tune.

"The—" she paused to jump once more, not succeeding "—injection!" Kayla huffed.

I looked questioningly at Jay. "Why does he have it?" I asked more so to Jay rather than Kayla.

She was planing to stick it up your neck! And it's like a decade old!

I sighed. That didn't necessarily sound very pleasing, but I have to put some trust in Kayla. After all, she knows best, right? I hope so.

"I think she knows what she's doing, give it back to her," I coaxed.

No way!

He flew all the way up till his head was kissing the ceiling. At this point, Kayla's attempts would be wasted if they were to go on any longer, so she stopped and crossed her arms instead.

"Angela? Why'd he go higher?!?"

"Jay..." I said in a warning octave, but he didn't seem to care, he stayed in that elevation, moving in small, tight, circles to keep himself on air. I hesitated a little before accepting the idea of bribing him. "I'll give Declan money to buy any kind of bird seeds you want."


   Just like that he swooped down and dropped the object on my palms and landed gracefully on my shoulder. My eyes widened in disbelief at how easy Jay would give in when someone bribed him with food. Gosh, that bird is ubiquitously unbelievable. I frowned, was he just being a little drama queen again so he could get what he wanted?

   "Thank you!" Kayla exasperated a breath of relief as she quickly took the injection back. "It's still not ready."

   "Is it really that old?" I asked, referring to what Jay had claimed before. I hope he was just being his melodramatic self, I heard from Hanna that old medicine could really hurt you.

   "No," she said simply, examining the thing carefully for any unnecessary marks, and I was relieved until... "it's older. Fifteen and a quarter years maybe?"

   If I had a cup of water, I would take a sip and spit it out by how surprised I was. "Are you crazy?!?"

   "A little."

   "I'm serious. Is it safe?"

   Kayla paused. "Sure," she shrugged and turned on her heel, "follow me. Uncle is in the basement doing some research in the stuff. If we're lucky, we might have a cure."

   I said nothing as she led me and Jay down the steps of the hot basement. A feeling told me this was only going to get worse. That we were missing something.

   Oh, how right I was.

- - -
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