Chapter 7 A Forest Whispers But A Bird Can Call Out

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Angela's POV

   I walked along the trees, leaving Jay to lead me to my former Mother's grave. A soft wind whisked the leaves, making them flutter. The forest floor was decorated in fallen leaves and debris, making the environment seem more surreal. Bit by bit, the sun rays from above fought to be seen.

   I inhaled sharply when I started to recognize the area around me. I glanced up at Jay, whom's flying had alternatively slowed, as if he, too, was grief stricken. I spotted movement ahead and stopped in my tracks. Jay, who had taken no notice of it, kept going.

"Hey, Jay! I think I saw something," I whispered and beckoned him.

He turned and tilted his head, scanning the area.

I don't see anything. You sure you saw something? Or are you scared?

I furrowed my eyebrows. "But I thought I saw a green coat."

I tiptoed my way closer, keeping as quiet as I can. I looked around, Jay now on my shoulder doing the same as I. My eyes landed on her grave and my heart stopped.

Not so far from the grave a person lay, kneeling down with a couple of white tulips in his hand. His hair was similar to mine, but his was a lighter shade. He also had the same green eyes that I do. In fact, he looked just like me, but he had a small stubble—barely visible.

Who is this guy?

I turned to Jay, but to my surprise, he had a serious look on his face. Suddenly, he gave out an alarm call and flew over to the grave. Baffled, I rumbled down onto the dirt floor.

I could hear a series of whispers and mutters. It was so much, I just had to cover my ears. I grunted when the sharp pain of a headache reached me.

Too... Too many. Too many voices! Argg.

When I looked up, the mysterious stranger had a scared look on his face and ran the opposite way. I staggered up, dusted my jeans, and walked over to Jay. I was shocked to see a furious look on his face.

I shook my head, wanting desperately for the headache to disappear. I winced, the headache only worsened. I leaned myself on a tree nearby to help support me, but it didn't do any good.

   My vision blurred, and the sounds around me  muffled. Jay was trying to talk to me, but all I heard were chirps and tweets, like any other normal bird. My breathing was broken and uneven, and my head felt like it was exploding.

   I fell to my knees, tugging at my hair in pain. By now, it was getting hard to breathe, and I couldn't open my eyes. All I could do is helplessly gasp for breath.

   Suddenly, a big wave of pain engulfed my entire body. I let out a painful wail, grasping onto the little hairs of grass. Hot tears brimmed my eyes as I collapsed on the ground.

   Then, it all went black.

   - - -

I heard footsteps. A voice. Chirping. And then I felt myself rise. I whimpered in pain when I felt my head bob up and down.

"S-Sorry..." a person whispered.

The pain wasn't as bad now, but it still hurt. My breathing was just beginning to clear and my heart was finally slowing down. I reached out my hand and felt the cloth of a shirt.

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