Chapter 6 The New Place Brings New Drama

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   This one will be a bit longer than usual, and more dramatic. So be prepared.

Angela's POV

We all headed out of the Café and followed Declan to a car large enough to hold all of us. Its shiny black surface reflected the bright sun in my eyes, making me cover my eyes. Thanks to that, I tripped and ended up falling awkwardly.

I felt someone's hands wrapped around my waist instead of the cold cement sidewalk. I opened my eyes to see a familiar pair of blue eyes and his usual golden smile. That itself made me blush.

"Are you all right?" Carter asked.

I nodded as he pulled me up, but not letting go. He touched his forehead with mine and grinned. He slowly traced his hand up and down my waist, making me stiffen in shock.

"Good," he said sweetly.

My face kept reddening as he came closer. I was then abruptly pulled away. My back touched someone's muscled chest and my arm was tightly gripped. I looked up to see Caleb, then glared at him.

I'm not a drag doll.

I thought irritably.

He had his usual glare directed towards Carter, who was smiling innocently. "Don't try that again," he growled.

Their eyes met briefly, as if sharing a secret. Then, Carter shrugged and walked inside the car. I looked back down to see that Caleb had his hand tightly wrapped around my arm. I winced.

"L-Let go," I muttered as I squirmed in his grip.

He scoffed and reluctantly let go. "Fine."

I looked at him quizzically as he walked inside the car with everyone else.

"What's up with him?" I muttered.

Who knows. He's been like that since we got here.

I jumped when I heard Jay speak. I glanced at him, and then the car. I shrugged as I calmly made my way inside. "I-It's not our problem, anyway."

I sat in the back seat next to Kayla, who was sitting next to—coincidentally—Caleb. I got a hold of Jay and put him next to the cup holders. I glanced over at Caleb cautiously. Even though I know it's not really my problem, it was bugging me a little. He was looking over at the window with a scowl over his face.

He's annoying, and sometimes has anger problems, but he's never this angry. Or grumpy. And he—

"Why are you staring at Caleb, Angela?" Kayla's suspicious questioning made me snap from my thoughts. I turned to her and raised my eyebrow.

Was I staring?

"Oh," I said, a light pink blush spreading on my cheeks as I averted my eyes from her and back to Caleb. "I-I didn't mean to."

Kayla looked at me intently as I kept trying to think. "Y'know. Ever since you two got here to meet Uncle Declan and my cousin Carter, you two have been acting weirdly."

"Huh? W-What do you mean?" I asked. I looked at her again and tilted my head.

She shook her head. "N-Never mind. Anyway,"  She changed the subject, a weird look now on her face.  "What do you think of my cuzzie?"  She smirked and nudged my side with her elbow.  "Looks like you two are getting pre-tty close."

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