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Raised by Wolves | Completed by Misfortune101cd
Raised by Wolves | Completedby Missy
The Adams family is driving home with their newborn baby boy, Eugene Adams. But they crash into a tree while driving in the woods. What happens if Eugene is the only sur...
  • talkinganimals
  • wolf-pup
  • fanfiction
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Who's A Cat!! by Kazcrow
Who's A Cat!!by Kazcrow
Izaya suddenly turns into a neko and trys to keep it a secret from Shizuo. What happens when he finds out? How can Izaya try to fix the damage that's been done. Can he...
  • halfcat
  • izaya
  • vampire
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The Seven Kingdoms by LadySapphire2018
The Seven Kingdomsby LadySapphire2018
Jasmine's dreams of becoming a marine biologist went up in smoke when she started growing scales and answered the Ocean's Call. Talking animals, merrpeople, and magic be...
  • ocean
  • adventure
  • friendship
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Magic Madness: The Magic Box [EDITING] by AddictWithAPen1001
Magic Madness: The Magic Box [ CJ :)
Join CJ and Lizzie as they venture through another dimension battling Evil Queens, dragons,an army of dwarfs, and an evil magician alongside thei...
  • theevilqueen
  • cj
  • fairytale
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From the Land of Spare 'Oom | A Chronicles of Narnia Poetry Book by NoctusFury
From the Land of Spare 'Oom | A ♔☾⁂Noctus Fury⁂☽♔
"From the great City of Wardrobe, in the magical land of Spare 'Oom, will the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve come, slaying Winter and bringing forth the return o...
  • talkinganimals
  • mythicalcreatures
  • susanpevensie
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Wild Animals - an Animal Jam Smut by jammers4life
Wild Animals - an Animal Jam Smutby ✨ jammers4life ✨
Juniper Spiritclaw and Duchess Icymoon are two best friends. One day they go to the Pillow Room, and spot a very attractive wolf. He invites them over, which can maybe t...
  • rp
  • animal
  • wolfs
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Pineapple on Canvas: The Odd Adventures of a Toy in the City by skmaple2011
Pineapple on Canvas: The Odd skmaple2011
[Wattys 2018 Longlist]. We all know that stuffed toys are inanimate objects...or are they? Imagine a world where artificial intelligence technology has improved to the...
  • diversity
  • sentient
  • bao
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The Girl That Can Talk To Animals (HIATUS) by xXCrazyBooksXx
The Girl That Can Talk To Fandom Trash
Angela has always had interesting things happen to her. Heck, ever since birth had odd things occurred to her. She always had a little blue jay following her around-a wi...
  • animals
  • talkinganimals
  • family
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Quest To Be a Warrior {Book 1} by KatieCatMeow123
Quest To Be a Warrior {Book 1}by ♫♥kãƫʑᴓ♥♫
Creamkit is ready to be an apprentice, but she seems to be a slow learner. Broken Warrior Codes, dogs, and a storm on the rise, will Creamkit ever be a Warrior? I DO NOT...
  • warriorcats
  • wattys2018
  • talkinganimals
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Return to the Seven Kingdoms by LadySapphire2018
Return to the Seven Kingdomsby LadySapphire2018
Mermaids were supposed to be the stuff of fantasies. Beautiful myths designed to enchant and delight adults and children in equal measure, but now Jasmine knew better be...
  • somelgbtcharacters
  • ghosts
  • urbanfantasy
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Witch Academy  by Strawroses
Witch Academy by Ash☆
  • witches
  • magic
  • talkinganimals
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Celia (WIP) by SnowfallWarning
Celia (WIP)by SnowfallWarning
Celia was the daughter of Roscuroe and Hannah. She lived peacefully with her family near Taylor, BC. She did not know what it was like to live in hiding her whole life...
  • adventure
  • roscuroe
  • conflict
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The Deputy's Dare {Book 2} by KatieCatMeow123
The Deputy's Dare {Book 2}by ♫♥kãƫʑᴓ♥♫
Creamfur has lots of duties to do, now she is a warrior. A rouge has entered ThunderClan territory. Death, dares and survival comes across to the cats. THIS IS A SEQUEL...
  • cats
  • wattys2018
  • talkinganimals
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Warrior Cats: The Golden Warrior by Nam_Trash
Warrior Cats: The Golden Warriorby Ceinwen
Why is Goldpaw different? He will be a great warrior one day. But he knows there's something different about him. Maybe he was meant for something more.... I DON'T OWN W...
  • skyfall
  • rp
  • shadowclan
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the coffee cup burst into flames by MrPBandJ
the coffee cup burst into flamesby gabi
i was having my usual 4 a.m. coffee when my coffee cup literally burst into flames. A tiny lizard came out of the cup sweating and panting.
  • firstperson
  • coffee
  • talkinganimals
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A Blond Ray of Sunshine by Antoshi
A Blond Ray of Sunshineby Antoshi
A young, upbeat Pokémon Trainer named Antoshi travels around Kanto collecting Gym Badges with his best friend and only Pokémon, Fireball the Typhlosion. When Fireball is...
  • johto
  • adventure
  • futurestories
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My Warrior OC's' by WolfGoesCows
My Warrior OC's'by -• WolfGoesCows •-
Book Description: This was inspired by a few awesome writers, which I find their books interesting! These are all my original warriors and may not be used in other OC Wa...
  • ocwarrior
  • talkinganimals
  • cats
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Myths are Sometimes Real (Johnny x Human!Reader) by AWSOMEwh69A
Myths are Sometimes Real (Johnny AWSOMEwh69A
In the Sing Universe, where humans are considered a myth and are told to little children as a way of making them behave, saying if they don't, a human will come and boil...
  • pleasecomeback
  • talkinganimals
  • animals
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Dragon Marked by Sapphyrre
Dragon Markedby Sapphyrre
Jaxx is a slave, alone in the world, until he is sent to the dragon hatching grounds as a punishment and saves a dying dragon baby. He discovers that the little gold dra...
  • good-vs-evil
  • medieval
  • magic
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