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Hidden Wings [STILL CONTINUING] by Amsrarsma
Hidden Wings [STILL CONTINUING]by Amsrarsma
A young Silverwing is turned into a human to hide from Death Eaters. But by being forced to live as something else, she forgets parts of who she was before... ...
Raised by Wolves | Completed by idobemissydoe
Raised by Wolves | Completedby Missy
The Adams family is driving home with their newborn baby boy, Eugene Adams. But they crash into a tree while driving in the woods. What happens if Eugene is the only sur...
Awaken(the moonlight of Monaserus) by itzdeviva
Awaken(the moonlight of Monaserus)by Victory Ndukauba
Darrell after the death of his parents when he was just 8, was taken away from Monaserus for his safety by his uncle Jack . Jack teleported him to Los Angeles to live in...
The Annals of Lutari Book One: Mind Games by arctyswrites
The Annals of Lutari Book One: Arctys Siwel
To the Powers sisters, Aurelia and Peggy, the world is full of magic waiting to be explored. They find it their mission in life to learn as much as they can about anythi...
Secrets Of The Past by annewheelerfab1
Secrets Of The Pastby annewheelerfab1
Anne and W.D decided it was best to keep their past to themselves, but when their master comes for them. Can the brother and sister acrobats. Deal with their past, and f...
Dragon Marked by MaryBethNishime
Dragon Markedby MaryBethNishime
Jaxx is a slave, alone in the world, until he is sent to the dragon hatching grounds as a punishment and saves a dying dragon baby. He discovers that the little gold dra...
Eladea by TimeDoggo
Eladeaby Time Doggo
Sage Emmerson is an ordinary girl living an ordinarily bad life, with her ordinary brother and ordinarily horrible father. But in an instant that all changes. She's th...
Never Cry Wolf by Krona_Vincent
Never Cry Wolfby Krona
Cover made by Tricia Dehler. Written for a prompt (Story #6) in the Golden Writer Contest by Tricia Dehler... - Aidan Carmine always brought her grandmother's red hood w...
Parallels by InkFoxPrints
Parallelsby Wrong Password
Whether or not Theodore Aspen (Theo, to his few friends) wanted to get dragged into the conflict between his old home, Terra, and his new one, Earth, that doesn't matter...
The Dragonwalk Highway: The Fellowship of Thirteen by dj_troxell
The Dragonwalk Highway: The Douglas James Troxell
In this comedic fantasy epic, a young princess, Zelda Dragonwalk, teams up with a not-so-lovable rogue, his goat sidekick, and ten other expendable companions to travers...
False Prophets - Things Are Not Quite What They Seem by Apietroski8
False Prophets - Things Are Not andrew pietroski
This wacky, off the wall, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy features Brian and Beth as they wake up in a field. A new world they have never seen with no idea where they are. As th...
The Sorceress: Blossoming Power by MaJoanB
The Sorceress: Blossoming Powerby MaJoanB
His sharp eyes glanced at her for a moment. "You are not worthy to stand by my side," said Lei Ming with boldness on their wedding night. Xinyi felt indignant...
Dove Rose and the Snow King by iMaggieFranc
Dove Rose and the Snow Kingby iMaggieFranc
[UPDATED DRAFT] and [Copyright content intended] [ A fictional story parody of Snow White, the Snow Queen( male ver.), Beauty and the Beast, and others.] In a distant ki...
The Infinity Box  (Tourist Trap Book 3) by Wuckster
The Infinity Box (Tourist Trap Wuckster
The residents of Quartzwater City have gone mad in the hunt for a hidden treasure and Max thinks he can use his "unparalleled" detective skills to get an insid...
Tourist Trap by Wuckster
Tourist Trapby Wuckster
[A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] Okay, so Dr. Octavius is a kooky but lovable mad scientist. You'd really like him if you ever met him. But one day he disappears through a s...
Myths are Sometimes Real (Johnny x Human!Reader) by AWSOMEwh69A
Myths are Sometimes Real (Johnny AWSOMEwh69A
In the Sing Universe, where humans are considered a myth and are told to little children as a way of making them behave, saying if they don't, a human will come and boil...
The Seven Kingdoms (Book 1) - Ongoing by LadySapphire2018
The Seven Kingdoms (Book 1) - LadySapphire2018
Jasmine's dreams of becoming a marine biologist went up in smoke when she started growing scales and answered the Ocean's Call. Talking animals, merpeople, and magic bec...
Wanna Hank Out? (Talking Tom and Friends: Becca x Hank) by AlexaDudette
Wanna Hank Out? (Talking Tom and AlexaDudette
Becca being accused of stealing Angela's boyfriend, Tom, confesses that she actually has feelings for a certain little couch potato. After hearing this, Hank rushes upst...
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Presents: The Swan Princess by JessicaMGarcia4
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Presents: The Jessica M Garcia
In a land far, far, far away, there is a kingdom ruled by a kind king and queen, and their young son prince Yuya. For awhile, Yuya grew lonely and wished for a friend or...