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Third Person POV

A baby girl sat stranded within the trees of the forest, recently born. The birds circling above and the wind whistles through the trees. The child's mother birthed her in that very forest, but since the mother was very sick she didn't make it. That being said, the child was left alone.

The chance of that child surviving was low. She was somewhat deep inside the forest, leaving the road a bit far from her. Meaning that the chance of someone finding her was low.

As if by a miracle, a very smart blue jay spotted her. That bird somehow lead a woman to this child. It was unknown of how this bird had the knowledge to know what to do.

The woman was not alone though. Her husband was following far behind. The couple spotted the baby girl and the dead mother. They checked for a pulse, but it was too late for the mother.

They took the baby girl and covered her in a soft pink blanket. They made a silent prayer to show their respects. Since the couple were incapable of having children, they took the baby girl in as their own and named her Angela. It made sense, since they found her next to her dead mother, silently crying. The Fallen Angel.

They raised her with such care. Angela grew to love nature and animals. Her new mother and father also had nature related jobs. The father was a botanist and the mother was a veterinarian.

Angela wanted to work with animals the most though. Ever since she was six, she had wanted to work with her mother. As she aged, she did small jobs with her mother, such as helping her feed the animals and clean some cages. But to help with wounds, she had to actually work there instead of volunteering.

Angela's description consisted of short, dirty blond hair, shining teal eyes, pale skin and was somewhat tall. She was quite beautiful and natural. She doesn't use much makeup, usually it's just eye liner and a bit of blush.

Tomorrow was her first day of working at the vet. Since her mother owned it, she was immediately accepted with open arms. When she gets older, she will inherit the place. Currently she is fifteen and very educated as well as a great animal caretaker.

She even goes to the forest she was born in to visit the small grave of her mother. She was informed of her real mother when she was ten. She usually goes to the forest to isolate herself into a quiet place of relaxation.

Angela has two best friends, Kayla and Hanna. They're her human best friends. She has this blue jay that always follows her. She named him Jay and consider it her friend. Animals never seem to be afraid of Angela. They don't run or hide, on the contrary, they usually go towards her.

Kayla, one of her friends, is a science prodigy. She has brains and beauty. She has short light brown hair, one purple eye and one green eye, which was from a failed experiment, and light tan skin. She is actually a Latino, so half the time she curses or speaks in Spanish.

Hanna, her other friend, is an expert with flowers and very good with technology. Angela actually offered her a job with her father. She has long black hair which is usually in a ponytail, amber eyes and pale skin. She comes from England so she has this accent.

They all go to the forest as well, sometimes together, others alone. Kayla and Hanna also know of Angela's mother. They've been friends since the first grade.

They all think their lives are normal. But something happened the night before Angela's first day of work. Something odd and surreal. Something Angela didn't notice until she got to work.

What did happen?


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