Chapter 3 Telling Them

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Angela's POV

"It all started when I woke up," I explained, ruffling Jay's feathers."I had a really bad headache in the morning. And ever since last night I've been hearing voices. Later, I—"

"Voices?!?" Kayla cut in. She took out a notepad and a pen, looking excited."What kind of voices?! Are they in different languages?! When do you hear them?! OH, I HAVE TO KNOW!!" She squealed and grinned widely.

"Okay..." I put my hands up, trying to calm her down."Let me finish." She nodded and got into a writing position."The voices... Well, I guess you can consider them as different languages. They honestly probably didn't have to do anything with what you were trying to accomplish. It depends."

Kayla and Hanna looked confused. Hanna asked, "What do you mean 'it depends'?"

I sighed."Now, you might think I'm crazy, but...I-I think I can talk to..." I lowered my voice,"to... I think I can talk to animals..."

I quickly looked down at my feet, afraid of what their reaction would be. I shifted uncomfortably and started to ruffle Jay's feathers. I glanced up and saw that Kayla had frozen in shock, eyes wide, while Hanna was rubbing her chin deep in thought, trying to let the new information sink in.

Hanna always has been the clam one, while Kayla is the really hyperactive one. I—in my opinion—am more of the careful one, the one who always take precautions. But they say I'm a goody goody, which is probably just to tease me.

"So," Hanna said, cutting me out of my thoughts,"you mean you can understand what they're saying?"

I nodded. I was still looking down."Hm...How is that even possible?!?" She whispered to herself, but it was barely audible. I looked up.

"I-I don't know how this is even possible myself..." I turned to Kayla, as did Hanna."Kayla, do you now how this is possible?"

She was writing things down on her notepad, she seemed so consumed in what she was writing. After a bit, she looked up wide eyed and biting her lip.

"G-Guys... It's theoretically impossible for a human being to be able to commune in the same language as animals. Our technology and understanding of animals just isn't advanced enough for that to happen. I may be a prodigy, but there's no way Hanna and I could've done that."

My eyes widened. WHAT?!? Then... Then how...? How could this be possible if they didn't do this? There's no other way to explain this. Or... No that couldn't be, it had to be them. Maybe they did it by accident? Yeah. That's what happened.

"B-But... Maybe it could've been an accident? I mean, there's no other way to explain this," I said eyeing Jay. He seemed calm... Maybe a little too calm. Hmm... What is he up to? I looked up to see Hanna shaking her head.

"No. It couldn't have possibly been an accident," Hanna said, her British accent flowing through her concern full words. "My gear—under any circumstances—shouldn't have been responsible for this. Not unless Kayla's calculations were wrong, or if we wired something incorrectly." She shook her head as Kayla looked down at her notes again. "I don't know honestly. This is a first for us, Angela."

She looked at me, her eyes filled with sympathy. She wants to get me back to normal, I can tell. But I honestly don't care whether or not I can or cannot speak with animals. I would never put that kind of pressure under them. It isn't Hanna and Kayla's fault that this happened. Besides, it's not like I'm forced to be a test subject. I choose to do it because I want to help them in any way we can. They're like sisters to me. We look out for each other.

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