Chapter 4 Family Secrets

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Angela's POV

   It took about two more hours for the storm to clear up. Currently, I'm heading back home, with Jay on my shoulder. Only a little bit of rain still lay on the dark, almost empty, streets. And, since it's summer, it had only just started to become dark. I looked down at my wrist watch. It read:

   8:27 PM

   I sighed. My parents must be wondering where I am. After all, my phone had just died. Jay flew over to a birch nearby to get a better view of something. I rolled my eyes, putting my hands inside the pockets of my hoodie.

   How could one of the best days ever end up being so depressing?

   My thoughts grumbled.

- - -

   Eventually, I made it to my doorstep. Jay had finally stopped fidgeting around the tree branches nearby and lay comfortably atop my head.

I peeked in at the window next to the door. The blinds were almost completely shut, but I could make out some objects.

I must've missed dinner, then, huh?

I realized.

I couldn't see my parents, so I'm guessing that they're in their room, or just not here. I leaned back and turned to the door, pulling the spare key to the house out of the back pocket of my jeans.

   I unlocked the door and opened it as quietly as I could. But to my luck, my father strolled down to the kitchen from up the stairs. He stopped and looked at me. I gave him a nervous smile.

   "Well, young lady."—this can't be good— "Where have you been? It's late."

   "I-I was at Kayla's house. She needed something," I retorted. Hey, a little white lie never hurt anybody.

   "I guess that's all right." He pulled something out of the fridge."Here. You missed dinner, so we saved you some."

   I smiled at him gratefully. "Thanks," I breathed out. Honestly, I was starving.

   I went over to him and gave him a quick hug.

   "Oh," he said after I pulled away,"make sure you feed Jay, too. He seems a little grumpy."

   You got that right. All Angela's been doing instead of feeding me is moping.

    Jay chirped.

   "Shut up!" I hissed under my breath so only Jay could hear me.

   My father gave Jay and I one last pat on the head before giving  a light chuckle and walked away. Lightly smiling, I grabbed the container that my father left for me a heated it up. When the microwave beeped, I grabbed a fork and took the leftover pasta.

I silently sat on the couch once I made it to the living room and turned on the TV. As the news reporter was talking about an incident two towns over, Jay gingerly made his way down to my leftover pasta. I glanced down just in time to see Jay trying to put his beak inside my pasta. Quickly, I snatched it away and put a spoonful amount in pasta in my mouth.

"No Jay. This is my food. Go and find your own," I said between a mouthful of food.

Jay chirped angrily,

You're supposed to be feeding me remember? I am STARVING! Don't you know how tiring you can be? Now get off the couch you lazy butt and get me my bird seeds!

   I rolled my eyes. Jay can be so over dramatic. "Not so loud, birdbrain. I bet even Hanna and Kayla could hear you from here."

Jay glared at me.

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