Chapter 10 Talk

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Angela's POV

After a never ending silence we've finally arrived at Kayla's front door. Before Caleb could nonchalantly take out his house keys the door had flown open to reveal Hanna's ashen face. She met my eyes and looked at me with what I thought was either remorse or pity—maybe even both.

"O-Oh... you're here, Angela," she spoke stoically. "Kayla has something to tell you,"—her eyes darted from me to Caleb—"both of you." She brushed past us in a hurry. "I'll be back soon."

"Okay," I mumbled confusingly. I followed her with my eyes until she disappeared in the midst of day. I felt a comforting hand on my shoulder when I still stood staring, making me shudder. My eyes trailed the arm and found Caleb being uncharacteristically warming.

   Just as fast as he put his hand there had he pulled away and started to the basement—Jay snoring away atop his cap. Being left shaken and rattled by Hanna's character, I followed in minuscule steps.

   A wave of sudden heat lapsed as I descended the stairs, making me extremely hot and dizzy enough to stop in my tracks. I felt stuffy and cooped up, thus I ended up taking of my hoodie and wringing it to my waist tightly. Beads of sweat lined my flushed forehead and trailed a sticky path down to my neckline. I huffed a breath.

   Was it always this hot down here?

   Ignoring the heat the best I can, I walked the last couple of steps and filed myself inside the room. I found Kayla anxiously tinkering with the headgear they had put on me the day of this had all started—all the while muttering, "No, no, no, no!" over and over again.

    When she heard me come in she clumsily set the wires and what looked like an internal battery down. Shortly after taking her rubber gloves off she approached me feasibly and cleared her throat. "So, what took you two so long?" She asked both Caleb and I tediously, giving me a funny look. 

   I looked at Caleb, who was already looking at me and was silently begging for me to stay quiet.

   She can clearly see the bandages, so what's the point? Is there something else I'm missing?

   "Angie colla—" I elbowed his arm, which he flinched at, and shut him up. After glaring at him with what annoyance I could bother to muster up I talked instead.

   "Your lazy brother decided it'd be easier to throw boulders at my window rather than to knock on a simple piece of wood. So you'd see why I would have forced him to do it right," I sad crossly.

He started off defiant, "W-What?! I-I didn't! I just—!"

"I thought I told you to behave!" Kayla scolded him like she was his mother—putting a hand on her hip and the other pinching the bridge of her nose, eyes squeezed shut.

Caleb's cheeks flushed. "You didn't tell me anything! Besides, who are you to—?!"

"I know you two hate each other and all, but please for once just try not to mess things up," Kayla said exasperatedly, putting up her hands up in a prayer position.

It's not that I hate him it's just—something along those lines.

"Mess things up? Mess what up?! Far as I know, you haven't done a thing!" Caleb retorted.

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