Chapter 9 The Unexplained Will Be Left Unexplained

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   Angela's POV

Right after I got home, my parents had scolded me for being out too late. When I apologized and promised that it wouldn't happen again, they asked me if I wanted something to eat.

I shook my head and had said, "No, I'm not really that hungry, thanks."

After that I went up up to my bedroom and gone to bed.

That was three days ago, and ever since then I had not gone out except for work—nor had I heard from Kayla and Hanna, not even Caleb.

I scoffed.

   If I knew having Syncope would be this boring, I'd avoid it completely. And I can't call Caleb either to go to places with me because it'd be way too awkward, can't really do anything with someone I hardly know. Wait—How'd I get his number again? ...Oh right, one of his junkies in juvie picked a fight with me, so Caleb gave me his number in case anyone like that bothered me again. But he said it in such a flirty way that I just disregarded it. Stupid players.

   I frowned at the memory.

   I heard a knock on my door and, catching my attention, it opened to reveal my dad. He was wearing his work clothes, a concerned look on his face. He asked me the same question that I've been hearing recently, "Aren't you going out today?"

I shook my head slightly. "No, I think I'll stay."

Usually he'd just sigh and go back downstairs, but this time he continued on with the conversation. "Ever since you left with that guy, you haven't gone out. Did something happen?"

"No, honest. I'm just, not in the mood, I guess."

"Oh, well all right. Try to go out today still, it's good weather out there."

I sighed. "I'm just a bit tired, and maybe a little sick of the sun. I'm fine." I faked a smile.

Pfft. I've seen you drop dead a million times!

Jay suddenly spoke up from the window where he's been singing from. I narrowed my eyes at him and grabbed him by the leg.

"Shut it," I muttered.

I let him hang while he panicked in incoherent sentences. I looked up and my dad had a weird look on his face. "Why did...?"

I let Jay go and shoved him away. "N-No reason...?" I laughed nervously.

He shook his head and sighed. "All right. Call me if you need anything, I'll be at the plantation today."

I nodded. "Okay, but I'm sure I'll be just fi—"


Our attention was brought to the window. My dad was confused and walked curiously over to the window. "What was that?"

   Oh no. Only one idiot could be so bold as to have done this.

"Ah...I'm sure it's nothing," I said, then a little louder, "probably just a big lousy pigeon!"

He shrugged and returned to the door to leave, but not before he repeated, "Call me if you need anything."

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