Chapter 11 Ill Pt. 1

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Angela's POV

The numbness spread on my temple was easily noticeable. My sides felt strained as if I had just run a marathon. And the worst pain of all was directed at my core. My insides felt so misplaced and twisted I pondered how I could still possibly find it tolerable to draw my next breath.

With great difficulty I lifted myself up with the aid of my elbows. It was then when I noticed the silk sheets of a bed. A fluffed feather stuffed pillow at the start of it.

How did I end up in Kayla's room?

I brought my hand to where a sudden source of warmth came from and felt at its soft texture. A blanket. A small smile tugged at my lips as I ran my fingers through the loose threads of the knitted comforter. A satisfactory sigh carefully escaped my lips involuntarily.

   I looked around the walls of the vibrant green room. The last time I had found myself in this room was around a year and a half ago—when Kayla, Hanna, and I were working on a school history marker. Yet, after all that time, her room hadn't changed a bit. The same smell of chemicals and plants tickled at my nose, and the same picture of us at a science fair with us smiling at the gold medal wrung on Kayla's neck was still there and left untouched as her laptop's screensaver. I continued to scan the room, every corner of my vision lensed by nostalgia.

The small knock on the door made me snap out of my trance and look at the source. The golden knob turned slowly as a annoyed Caleb holding a plastic tray entered the room. Atop the tray was a napkin with two inch-long pills resting above and a single glass of crystal clean water. He put it down on a worn nightstand that had resided next to the bed.

My eyes glanced between the tray and Caleb in puzzlement. His shirt was wrinkled and his brown hair looked like it had been tugged at by himself. Very noticeable dark circles were beneath his droopy eyes. Drool was dripping from both corners of his mouth as well, and when my eyes had landed on them he reacted by wiping at them. A tiresome yawn escaped him.

"Take them," he rasped. He cleared his throat and tried once again, "Take both of these pills. They'll clear your nausea and might make the migraines more tolerable."

Nausea? Other than my constant daze, I'm very hungry. Throwing up is the last thing on my mind.

I did as I was told regardless. I meekly reached for the two and placed them in my palm. My mouth went dry when the sudden realization of the length of these pills hit me. They were huge. At least six millimeters in width—which is a little to big for what I was used to. I stole a peek at Caleb, who gestured me to continue. He also suggestively nudged the tall glass of water next to him.

Giving him a slight nod, I took the glass and quickly gulped down the pill. I drowned it in half of the water in the glass. Taking a couple of seconds worth of breath, I did the same with the remaining pill and drained the glass of its leftover water. I inhaled sharply before giving a sigh of relief. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Caleb roll his eyes.

"Do you need anymore water?" He suggested halfheartedly. I shook my head to deny. He stood up, took the glass from my hand, then put the tray under his arm. He turned to the door. "Good. I'll be on my way now."

I leaped to my feet and grabbed his wrist—which was reaching for the doorknob. I stumbled a bit and used a desk nearby to support my numb figure. "W-Wait a minute..." I stuttered.

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