Chapter 14 Ill Pt. 4

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Kayla's POV

A perturbed sigh escaped my lips as I finished up the last bit of note summarizing. There were so many things that I didn't know, and it seemed like the more I tried to understand, the more I became dispelled about my hopes on Angela's recovery. I wished that this would've been something simple, hardly anything like this. Angela's remarks about her current situation suggested that she had not one, but many different and diverse symptoms that were fixed on different parts of her persona.

I tried to get Uncle to look it over with me; get his opinion and all, but since this late morning, he'd been focused on his own thing somewhere outside. Of course, I could always go get him, but when I last looked at him he was staring blankly at nothing, probably lost in his thoughts, so I didn't want to leave it up to chance. I guess there's always Carter, but I decided against it as his view on things are often morbid and risky. Caleb was who knows where, not that he'd be much help anyway since he didn't bother to tell me anything, so it was left up to me to figure things out on my own.

   Let's see...the most life threatening thing right now is our little "blood" situation. So far, our—well, my—guess is that it was most likely a simple case of Acute Bronchitis. It's very common, and since Angela had been introduced to the new lab, she'd shown signs of rapid coughing. The Acute Bronchitis was probably starting to take effect after she'd been exposed to foreign chemicals and smells. It happened to Caleb and I when we visited the lab for our first time—so it could be the same case for her as well. Luckily, that can take care of itself.

   I'll just have Caleb deliver some medicine for the aching throat, the blood should start going away by then, if she does indeed have the aforementioned diagnosis, that is.

   I noted, writing down a short annotation so I could remind myself. Next up on our nonexistent checklist: the migraines. Oh, how annoying this will be. The possibilities vary, and even as specific as Angela's headaches are, it doesn't narrow down our options as much as I'd liked. I could, of course, not take for granted the notes that Uncle had on them, not all of it was that far fetched. I decided to leave the droll topic to him then, no point in dwelling on something you've no idea on.

   Last on the list comes the fainting. I've dreaded that the most—now there was something that had a plethora of ambiguity. It comes and goes, acts like it was never there sometimes, or as if it was there, and will stay there, for the entirety of Angela's life. It's just as indecisive as I am, more random than my Uncle, and far more vicious than Carter. Even with all our brains put together; Carter, Caleb, Uncle, and I wouldn't have anything solid on it. It's just near impossible.

   "Just what can I do?" I muttered miserably to myself.

   I looked through piles and piles of information; textbooks, internet, old professional stand views from experts in the library—heck, I even tried Wiki—but all I got was squat. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. Absolutely nothing. It was quite obvious that it was more than Syncope, but not so major it could cause a comatose at any second. Again, Uncle had mentioned a few thoughts on the whole "fainting" thing, but after more experimentation and interrogating Angela, none of those symptoms matched up. My eyes then caught something that stole my interest.

    Behavior and Psychological Adaptions.

   I hummed to myself and curiously read each word carefully from the textbook's side pocket. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. I flipped to the first chapter to read more, the rhythm of the smoothly worded text making me succumb into it deeper; more thoughtfully.

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