Chapter 1 Failed Experiment

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Angela's POV

Kayla told me to go to her house via phone, I think she called Hanna too, I'm not sure. All I know is that she wants us there fast. Probably another experiment. Usually, I'm the guinea pig and Hanna does the tech stuff while Kayla performs the experiment.

Jay, the blue jay that always follows me, is resting on a tree as I go out the front door. I headed to Kayla's house with Jay resting on my shoulder. I honestly find it odd that Jay, a wild animal, follows me around. Not just Jay, but all animals from the forest come towards me instead of running from me. It's like they aren't afraid of me. I even tried to ask Kayla for an explanation, but nothing.

Ah, here we are. I knock on the door and Kayla answers.

"Ah, finally! What took you so long?" she said dramatically, letting me in.

"Well, you did call me in the middle of dinner," I said while Kayla lead me to the basement.

"That doesn't matter now. Hanna already has the equipment set up, I just need you to put it on," she ushered.

I saw Hanna holding a helmet of some sort with a couple of wires. I'm already starting to get a bad feeling of this...

"First, can you explain the experiment?" I asked.

"I'm going to modify your brainwaves to see if that would get you to learn different languages instantly," Kayla explained.

"Oh and don't worry. This equipment is safe to use, made it myself," Hanna insured.

"But what if I can't understand English anymore, or what if you end up frying my brain instead?" I said feeling unsure.

"Can't really fry a brain when she doesn't have one," a deep voice said from above. Great. It was Kayla's annoying big seventeen year old brother.

"Caleb what are you doing here?" Kayla asked irritated.

"Just wanted to see another failed experiment," Caleb smirked.

"It's not going to fail," Hanna said in her British accent.

"Last time I was here, her experiments always failed," he said.

"Well ever since you went away to juvenile prison, I've gotten better. I will perform this experiment in the Science Fair and I will succeed," Kayla protested.

"Plus she's got me as a partner and Angela's going to test it for us," Hanna said.

"Hey I never agreed to that. I'll only do it if it's safe," I said.

"We'll see. So when's the show going to start?" He smirked sitting on a chair while putting his feet up.

"Ugh just shut up for once!" I said clearly annoyed.

"Not until that bird of yours stops tweeting," he smirked.

"Hey don't bring Jay into this!" I yelled causing Jay to jump.

Caleb laughed." You actually named that thing!"

"He's not a thing, he's a male blue jay," I said sticking my finger out so Jay could come.

"Hey! Guys are we doing this or not?" Kayla spoke up as Jay landed on my finger.

"I guess," I said."Let me just put Jay down."

  When I did I took the equipment and put it on. I sat on a chair while Hanna put the weird looking wires on my face. Kayla was on her laptop typing like crazy. She then went to the machine that the wires connected to and nodded at Hanna who was next to her. Hanna started to flip some switches and pushed three buttons. Kayla then started the countdown.


She pushed the button. All I could feel was numbness on my brain. The process was still going while Kayla and Hanna were typing on the machine. Then everything went black.

I hear everything stop, no more clicks, just footsteps. I feel people shaking me, I think even Caleb is shaking me.

"Que paso? Ella esta bien? Esto no esta pasando. No. No esto no puede pasar. Angela despiertate porfavor!!"

(In English:"What happened?Is she okay? This is not happening. No. No this can't be happening. Angela wake up please!!")

I'm guessing that's Kayla. She really must be panicking if she's ranting in Spanish. I took some Spanish classes in case this happened. Though, I can tell she thinks I'm dead. I'm not, just unconscious.

Come on! I just need to wake up!! Come on useless body!! Do something!!

My thoughts yelled. I feel my body. Yes!! I guess calling my body useless worked. I open my eyes to see that I'm surrounded by Kayla, Hanna, Caleb and... Jay?

"Are you okay? Can you speak English? Any new languages?" Kayla immediately asked.

"Yes, yes," I said feeling dizzy.

"Well, that's alright. The only thing that matters is that your okay," Kayla said in relief.

"Yeah, maybe we could just do something else," Hanna nodded.

"Man, Kayla. Your experiments are getting crazier and crazier by the minute," Caleb said standing up.

"Well that wasn't the first time I thought she died, chirp,"

"Huh? Did you guys say something?" I asked.

"No, are you sure we didn't fry your brain or something?" Hanna said worriedly.

"Maybe it was my imagination. I think I should go home, I'm working tomorrow. I don't want to be late on the first day," I said getting up and getting Jay.

"Okay, sorry about the whole knocking you unconscious thing," Kayla said with her hand behind her neck.

"Yeah, I guess my equipment could use a bit more work," Hanna said doing the same as Kayla.

"It's fine. No harm done right? I'll see you guys tomorrow," I smiled and left with Jay on my head.

"Hm, your head is comfy,"

Huh? I think I'm delirious. I'm starting to hear things. Maybe I just need some sleep. It's been a long day.

"You won't mind if I sleep here do you? No. Of course not,"

I keep hearing things. Whatever, I think it's just a temporary thing.

I made it home with Jay asleep on my head. I put the cute sleeping bird on a pillow in my room. After saying "Good night" to my parents, I showered and put on my pajamas. I went to bed hoping that tomorrow would be a better day. As I thought that, I found myself slowly drifting into sleep.


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