Chapter 2 First Day

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Angela's POV

I woke up with a pounding headache. Maybe it's one of the side effects. I thought. I got out of bed to check up on Jay. He seemed to be gone already, makes sense, he is a bird. Birds are usually predicted to wake up with the sun, it's amazing.

I took a quick shower and quickly changed into uniform. Today is my first day of work at the veterinary and I have to be ready. I know my mom is the manager but, I still need to make a good impression. I don't want to be known as some spoiled brat, it's just not me.

I went downstairs to get some breakfast. Since my parents start work early, I usually eat breakfast alone. I went towards a kitchen cabinet to get some cereal. I then went to the fridge—cereal box in hand—to get the milk. Once I got the milk, I set both down onto the kitchen counter, so I could get a spoon and a bowl.

I fished out a spoon out of the kitchen drawer and then went to get a bowl. Once I had them all set across the kitchen counter, I started to prepare my breakfast. I started eating after I put the left over milk and cereal away.

As I ate I heard someone coming down the stairs. I turned to see who it was. It was my dad, he seemed a bit pale and, well... sick. I gave him a worried look as he sat down in front of me. He coughed as if his throat would bleed if he kept going on like this.

"Dad, how are you?" I asked out of worry. I hadn't noticed that his simple cold had gotten so bad.

He gave me a weak smile."I'm just a bit strained. I guess the cold and me working didn't work out too well."

"Dad you don't look well. Maybe I could just stay home to help you," I offered after he coughed up a storm.

"No, honey. I'll be alright, you've been waiting to work at the veterinary for so long, I couldn't keep you waiting," he denied. I smiled at him. Always so stubborn, I thought.

"If you insist," I said as I got up with my empty bowl. I put the dirty bowl and spoon on the sink."If you need anything, just call. I know how stubborn you can be, so I'll just go with it."

He laughed weakly and then nodded. I went back to my room so I could get my book bag and phone. I got the two and went towards the front door downstairs. I left to go to work after I said 'goodbye' to my dad.

I went towards the veterinary in relaxation. It's always so nice and peaceful in this small town of mine. It's mostly surrounded by nature, which is why I grew to love nature. It's cruel what others do to nature and its creations.

I made it to the veterinary, and Jay was now on my shoulder. I went inside, and found myself surrounded by animals, workers and volunteers. I spotted my mother and went towards her. I heard voices, many of them, again.

Ow! Mister be careful, that's my jumping leg!

Ahh, why can't they all be like this?

I know right?

I wish I could be free like Jay...

Ha! It's what you get for trying to eat me, you snake!

These voice made my headache get worse. What did Hanna's machine do to me? I thought. I finally made it to my mom, ignoring all of the voices.

"Hey, mom," I said with a smile.

She turned around."Ah, ready to start your first day, as an official employee?"

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