Chapter 5 New Help

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Angela's POV

The streets were starting to become more active as Caleb and I made our way to the Café. Cars whizzed by the numerous crowds of people walking around us. The sun had just about made its way to the mid-sky.

The Café was only about ten minutes away. I made sure not to talk to Jay, I wouldn't want anyone around me to think I was out of it. Either way, some people were eyeing me weirdly because Jay was still chirping whilst being on my shoulder.

I heard Caleb groan irritably. "Can't that bird ever shut up?!?"

Jay paused.

Can't humans like you ever shut up. No? Well then I won't either.

I giggled. Sometimes having a sassy bird with you can be fun.

I casted a side glance at Caleb to see a puzzled expression. "What's so funny?"

I smiled. "Oh nothing."

He narrowed his eyes at me, but I looked away, smiling innocently. I saw him roll his eyes and him turning away.

   After awhile, I felt someone's eyes on me. Confused, I turned to my side to see Caleb staring at me. He blushed a light pink and instantly smirked.

   I slightly raised an eyebrow. "What are you staring at?"

   "Oh nothing," he mocked.

   I punched his arm lightly. "Stop copying me." I narrowed my eyes at him.

   In a high pitched voice he said, "Stop copying me."

   "Why you—My voice doesn't sound like that!" I exclaimed, crossing my arms.

   "My voice doesn't sound like that!" He continued.

   "You know what?" I sighed. "I give up. I'm just not gonna talk anymore."

   Caleb frowned slightly, but then smirked again. "Fine. I'll just make you talk."

   I gave him a questioning look. He rubbed his hands evilly, his smirk growing wider by the minute. I strayed away from him a bit, afraid of his intentions.

   What is he planning?

   My thoughts questioned.

   He spoke up with a teasing voice, "C'mon Angie, if you don't talk now, you'll regret it." When I didn't talk, he tensed his legs. "All right, have it your way, but you better run before I catch ya."

   He pounced forward and held out his arms, ready to grab me. I yelped and instantly ran. I felt Jay's grip on my shoulder tighten as I swerved through the crowds of people.

   I glanced back to see Caleb right on my tail. As we ran, some people stopped to gawk at us. All the while, I smiled and giggled happily. Though Caleb could be annoying sometimes, I've never seen this side of him.

   I've never seen him give out a hearty smile. He's a big flirt, but he's never played around to lighten a mood. I'll admit, our little cat and mouse game was pretty fun.

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