Chapter 34

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Hinata's POV:-


Someone is shaking me. I groan and swat that hand away.

"Don't disturb me."

"You have to wake up. You have not eaten anything since yesterday. I will give you a lift to school then. Come on wake up."

I swat the hand again in my sleep but I actually by mistake slap the person.

The sound wakes me up and I sit straight in my bed and look at Neji his eyes wide and hand on his cheek.

"I am so sorry Neji nisaan. I didn't mean too."

He says nothing and leaves my room. I groan. Now Neji is upset.

I have a bath, dress up and rush downstairs quickly to see Neji having his breakfast.

"Neji nisan, I am sorry." He looks at me then looks away.

He puts a plate of food in front of me."Eat."

That is when I realize he is acting. I give him a stink eye and refuse. "I don't have an appetite."


"Are you giving me a lift. I can walk to school too."

He sighs and gets up. He drives me to school in silence. I can see him glancing at me now and then but I was too tired to shout.

I walk to my first class not caring that people are staring at me and whispering. My friends talk to me about stuff I really don't care about. But they are trying to cheer me up so I smile faintly.

"Okay class. Today we are gonna learn about...." I space out as Kaakashi seinsei starts his class.

30 minutes into the class, we have a disturbance.

"Sensei. Sorry I am late..."

I look up to see Naruto, drenched in sweat huffing and puffing. He grins at Kakashi Sensei who gives him an annoyed look.

"You have missed most of the class. Detention. You can just attend your next class."

His face falls and turns into a frown. He looks through the class and his eyes meet mine. He gives me a smile and I melt. I feel so happy and so mad at the same time, it's weird.

"Naruto." Kakashi warns. He puts his hands up and out of the class.

I am walking to lunch. Naruto didn't have the rest of the classes with me so he was lucky. But now I am not so sure about his luck.

He is with the guys with wide eyes. He looks at me and gives me a breath taking smile.

As if that will save him.

He comes forward and I slap him. Yes. I slap him. For the second time today I slapped. Only difference, this was a deliberate effort.

He has hands are on his cheek and I am taking deep breaths to calm myself down

"Guess I deserve that one." He says and looks at me.

"Where were you?" I ask as calmly as possible looking away.

"I had some important work to be done. Immediately." He says vaguely.

"And my phone was stolen and I didn't remember your number. I am sorry. Please don't break up with me."

I look at him weirdly.

He blinks in confusion and realisation dawns on him. His eyes widen and turn murderous. He looks at the guys who were chucking, holding there stomach.

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