Chapter 3

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Naruto's Pov :-

And with that he sets off. I glance at Hinata and see her looking directly behind me. I turn around just in time to see Sasuke going to punch me and dodge it by an inch.

"What the hell!!" I yell and see Sakura trying to stop Sasuke.

"You baka! After all these years, you come back and say 'what the hell?' as if you don't know anything!" Sasuke roared and I gulp.

"Teme....I know I am sorry I was just mad at you all these years. You know ego problems....but hey on the bright side, you talked more than just 'hn'." I smiled a bit. He tries pounce at me  again and I take a step back.

"Don't try to test my patience, Uzumaki!"

I give him a hug and whisper in his ear so that only he could hear what I was saying.

'Teme... I am really, really sorry about that fight. I assure you that you have Sakura for yourself. I am over her and besides she really likes you and I can't lose my two best friends over a stupid, immature argument...."

He freezes as he heard those words  and pushes me off after a moment nodding and mutters

"Whatever." He looks away frowning as a small smile lights my face.

I turn to the pinkette and grin.

"Hey Sakura-chan...." I was cut off with a big blow on my head and fell down flat on my face.

"That hurt dattebayo!" I look up whining and frowning . I rub my head and see an annoyed and irritated Sakura and a smirking Sasuke.

Sigh* the friends I have.

Jeez...she still has that monstrous strength

My frown changed to a grin as I notice a hint of amusement in their eyes.

Glad to have my friends back.

"So troublesome. So you are finally back... eh Naruto."

I turn around to see Shikamaru with Chouji, Sai and Ino grinning at me like they were enjoying the show.

I grin at them and greet them with a thumbs up.

"It's good to be back." I say nodding and another thought hits me and my eyes widen.

"Hey! Let's go to Ichiraku! I have'nt eaten ramen since yesterday." I say with a troubled look.

Sakura and Ino facepalm and all my friends start chuckling at my obsession....except Sasuke of course.

"You still haven't changed dobe....always talking about ramen."

"What a drag... Well I guess we can't refuse your offer since it will be your treat." Shikamaru said with a smirk on his face.

"No prob Shikamaru. My treat and temme you also have to come." I say nodding vigorously and not ready to hear any excuses.

"Hn." was all he said.

"I am already hungry." Chouji said with a hint of excitement in his voice and we fist bump.

Gosh I almost forgot about Hinata.

" where did she go.?"

That is when I noticed that Hinata had already left. I frown at her disappearance and grab my bag to find her.


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