Chapter 25

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Everyone's eyes turned towards her as soon as she entered. She was different. Good different. She had fiery red hair and she walked like she was proud of it even though she got weird stares.

She got her schedule and locker number, stuffed the unnecessary stuff into her locker and scanned the hallway for a familiar blonde haired boy with whiskers. She narrowed her eyes to the guy with blonde spiky hair and prayed it was who she thought it was and strode confidently towards him. She smiled when she got a glimpse of his whiskers and called out to him only to tackle even before he can register who it is.

She retracted from the hug to catch a surprised face with midnight blue hair, kind of glaring at her.

What's up with these people??

"Karin." My blue eyed cousin greets with a polite smile.

"Hey Naruto. Sorry for that sudden hug. I was a little nervous and overwhelmed with all the unnecessary attention and I was super glad when I spotted you. Also, I didn't think someone would be possessive about you." I glance at the not so angry anymore girl and send her a wink.

She was startled by my sudden action but blushed on hearing my words.

"Oh yeah. She my girlfriend Hinata. Hinata, this is the cousin I was talking about." He turns to Hinata and introduces me.

I held out my hand and she promptly shakes it and gives me a short smile.

"Come on. I will introduce you to my friends. We will show you around today since its your first day. No worries" Naruto grins

I nod and follow him to a bunch of teenagers laughing.

As I near them, one of them catches my eye.

He had raven hair and he looked like he didn't have a care in the world yet he stood with that bunch as they joked about some nonsense.

"Hey guys, this is my cousin Karin and she is new here."

I give them a short smile while my eyes find him once more. He was looking at me in a weird way and then looked away and pretty much ignored me while Naruto was introducing me to all of them. I didn't pay much attention because I glanced at him from time to time.

The first bell rings and the group starts to disperse.

"I will drop her to her first class." Said the blonde girl. What was her name again?

"Thanks Ino. Best of luck, Karin."

Right. Ino.

She gives me a pointed look and starts walking.

"What?" I ask her almost annoyed.


I look at her confused.

"The guy you were ogling at. He is not available. He is dating my best friend. So I am saying this as politely as I can. Stay away from him. Stop your thoughts about him. Believe me, its for your own good. I don't want you to be heartbroken and wasting your tears. If my friend knows about this, she will kill you. She is not a girl you wanna mess with. Oh we are here. That's your first class. Enjoy your first day."

She smiles brightly and leaves without another word.

I narrow my eyes at her.

Bitch. How dare she...

She suddenly turns and meets my glare. It was so scary that I break my glare and enter my first class.

I shudder as I take my seat.

Karin's here!!! Not really a fan of her in fan fictions but she has to have a mention where Sasuke and Sakura being together are concerned.

It's like mandatory for her to be a bitch and everyone commenting she is a bitch.

OK now it is entirely up to you guys whether you want me to focus on this.

This is kind of a teaser. If you don't want this plotline I will discontinue it.

I was out of ideas so I thought why not do some cliché Karin bitchiness.

Comment on it please. I will wait 1 week before I start writing the next chapter so please comment.

If no one comments, I may go in for this plot while figuring out how to take this story ahead.

Phew that was the longest authors note I have written

Please vote, comment and enjoy.

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