Chapter 29

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Sakura's POV:-

I walk in fast strides, wiping my tears with my head low. I don't want anyone to see me like this. Within no time the entire school will be questioning which will frustrate me to hell and that is the last thing I want.

I break down as I hit myself with cold water. I am in safe dominion of the girl's washroom.
"Why?" I ask holding myself.

Why does this happen to me? It's like destiny is against me and my happiness.

"Why?" I ask again and close my eyes letting the tears fall. I don't even notice the washroom door open till I hear her voice.

"What could she possibly do?"

I look at Karin and my eyes widen.

"You...?" I start and she nods.

"Yes. I was here the whole time."

"So Sakura...are you okay? Breaking up with your boyfriend must be hard on you" she says with fake concern.

"What did you gain Karin?If you think he is gonna come to you, you are even more moronic than I actually thought you were."

"Sooner or later he will." She sneers.

I let out a dry laugh and shake my head. My phone starts ringing and I see Ino calling me. I switch off my phone and look at Karin who was lost in thought.

"You know what have ruined my relationship anyway so just get out of my sight. I just don't want you anywhere near me. I am warning you Karin or I will do something that I will definitely not regret."

She glares at me but obeys nonetheless. She opens the door to come face to face with Hinata. She looks at me worried and let's out a sigh of relief.

"She is here." Hinata says into the phone.

She glares at Karin and then comes inside and helps me up. Within a matter of minutes Ino and Tenten are before me as I just stare into the wall thinking about his words.

"Just tell him what happened." Ino says.

"Can you guys leave me alone for sometime." I ask pleading.

Ino starts to protest but Hinata stops her.

"If you need anything, we are just one call away." She says hugging me.

I nod. "And please don't say anything to Sasuke." I ask for a last favour.

They look puzzled but nod.

I walk to my mentor's office hoping she would be there. I still didn't believe Sasori was a part of this. I had to find out. He is a good guy. Or was that all fake.

"Sakura." I turn to come face to face with Sasori smiling.

I smile back.

"Can I talk to you?" He asks nervously and I knew why he was uncomfortable. I excuse myself from my friends and walk with him to the library in silence.

I was still thinking about Sasuke's words. He spoke as if didn't know anything. I had to get into the best Medical college and I had to get my grades to that level. It's just that I am busy now so I can't spend as much time with him as I did earlier.

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