Chapter 14

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Naruto's Pov :-

Two guys grab me and hold me tight, not letting me free. I struggle to get out of their grasp but no avail. One guy forces my mouth open and pours a horrible tasting liquid and I immediately start feeling drowsy....

"That will keep you out of control for around ten minutes or so. I could have made you unconcious but I want you to feel the pain and besides ten minutes is more than enough for me to finish my job." A voice sneers. I cannot see him but I recognised that  voice. It was Toneri. My eyesight is blurry and I can barely stand on my feet without the two guys holding me up.

He takes a hockey stick from another guy and hits me on head I yell with pain. It was like I have been hit by an asteroid. I was feeling heavy and nauseated.

The two guys let me go and I fall on my knees. I hold my head still to focus and identify other people but my head hurt so bad. There was  something sticky on my hair and warm liquid coming down my face. It is then I realize that it is blood and my eyes widen. I try to look up but I couldn't even do that. I am feeling so helpless with my head hurting and not being able to stand up. I groan as I try again to stand up.

I feel another blow on my stomach not as strong as the first one but painful and then a punch on face.

"Naruto-kun, ar-are you all right?" Toneri says mimicking Hinata's voice. I yell in anger as I extend my hand to catch him but I fall down to the ground. I hear laughter around me. Evil people laughing at my helplessness.

"Okay blondy let's finish this and we will be off. You can sleep or die here, your choice." Toneri shrugs laughing.

He is about to hit me with the hockey stick when someone snatches the stick out of his hand and hits him. I hear Toneri's groan and I weakly smile. He and his friends yell and scramble after seeing my saviour. I try to look at my saviour's face but I only notice red hair. I gulp and try talking but no voice comes out. He comes closer to listen to me and I try again, a little louder.

"Gaara..." I say barely audible to me but he hears it. He looks at me and nods. I offer him a weak smile.

"Don't worry I will take you to a safe place. I don't know your house. Any landmark nearby where I can take you? We have to stop that blood..."

"Straight...and left...ichi...raku." I say my mouth dry.

"Got it." He nods and lifts me up and supports me and we slowly start walking.

The last thing I remember is passing out.

I slowly come to my senses by heaving banging and knocking.

"Open please! It's an emergency!" I hear Gaara yelling.
The next sound I hear is the shutter opening and out come old man and Ayame-chan.

Old man is about to yell when he sees me.

" Ramen?" I grin.

"Oh my god, Naruro! W-what happened to you? And who are you?" Ayame chan asks.

"I am his friend. I will explain everything later..."

I smile at friend.

They take me inside and Ayame-chan rushes to get a firstaid kit. She starts wiping blood and tries stopping the blood.

"We should call his family. Do you know his parents?" I hear Gaara pacing around, worried.

"Yeah, but it's no use. They are not home. I think we should call his friends." Old man says gravely.

"But I don't have their numbers...wait. His phone..." Gaara rummages my pockets till he finds my phone and he calls the person who I had last called.

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