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Naruto: Jounin Sensei [ON HOLD FOR KNOW] by SevenMapleRoot
Naruto: Jounin Sensei [ON HOLD SevenMapleRoot
After the war Naruto became a legend to the people, but what know?
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A Growing Affection by FanHub2477
A Growing Affectionby FanHub2477
After a misunderstanding reveals hidden emotions, Naruto and Hinata begin training together, getting to know each other. At the same time Sakura finds herself jealous. T...
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Show Me The Future, Or The Past by TheAngelinDarkness
Show Me The Future, Or The Pastby TheAngelinDarkness
Naruto's birthday has arrived, and with it a stranger with a strange gift for him. During his birthday party a strange man gives him an object that allows the user to se...
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Naruto x Hinata  lemon romantic fanfic!  by RosemaryFawnRamsdell
Naruto x Hinata lemon romantic Rosemary Fawn Ramsdell
Naruto x Hinata A romantic story with hardships. Mostly Uncannon, parts a pieces our inspired by cannon stuff. For the most part it's my story and I hope you all Enjoy...
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Naruhina Oneshots by badd_sscript
Naruhina Oneshotsby Lia
Just a little series of Naruhina oneshots. Hope you enjoy ;)
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Her Secret Mask by CherryBlossom3430
Her Secret Maskby Chérie
She was forced to hide everything. Hinata's secret mask was her protection when she was young. But, she's no longer a child. It's time for her to take her mask off. Bec...
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Fool For You (Naruhina) by eileennb
Fool For You (Naruhina)by eileennb
Hinata finally confesses her long love for Naruto, sadly getting rejected as for his heart already belonged to another. Sakura Haruno. As time passes, Naruto finally rea...
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Am I In Love With Her (Editing) by uzumakigk
Am I In Love With Her (Editing)by gk
It's a Naruhina fanfic!! My OTP! Starts as a fake relationship. Read on to find how it gradually turns into a real relationship. It's cheesy af. ******* I suck at descri...
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Falling For You by uzumakigk
Falling For Youby gk
Naruhina. When Naruto is sent to Konaha to learn the value of money by his father, he thinks his life is ruined and boring for the next six months. However things take...
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Naruto's new chance by Amitrea
Naruto's new chanceby Andrei Mitrea
What if Naruto could get two new bloodlines, a mother figure and a new chance to work it right. Main couple will be Naruto x Hinata and Sasuke x Temari.
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When Beauty Tamed the Beast  by Naru-Hina4life
When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Too Irrelevant 4 u 😛
~In a world where a fairytale and reality collide~ ..Story description inside.. So please read
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When Will This End?.. by Naru-Hina4life
When Will This End? Too Irrelevant 4 u 😛
What happens to a girl, who had a terrible past? A past she doesn't want to bring up, something she only keeps to herself. What do you get, when she doesnt trust you, o...
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Naruto neglect fanfic by Nialah
Naruto neglect fanficby Nialah
Why would his parents ignore him? What if the most unlikely clan was to give him a home? What would happen if siblings fought to the point that his home is to... It is u...
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The Queen's Shinobi (Black Butler/Naruto Crossover) by otakuu1
The Queen's Shinobi (Black Nagisa
Black Butler / Naruto Crossover Ciel and Sebastian go to Konoha to investigate the Akatsuki, but things don't go as planned... That darn Itachi. Feat. NaruHina, NejiTen...
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Naruto and Hinata: The First by cutechildromance
Naruto and Hinata: The Firstby L. Lawliette
Naruto Uzumaki is a knuckleheaded ninja who thinks that loving ramen and loving a person are the same kind of thing. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto still fai...
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Liar.... by Zodiac_killer20
#16 Fallen Angel
this story is about kid Naruto being banished for hurting sasuke the whole council rather believe sacked lies then him Naruto is hurt for being betrayed by his friend an...
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admiration [naruhina] by GottaChidori
admiration [naruhina]by Anna
They both took a liking into each other. They both wanted to be with the other. Something was driving them wild and they seemed to want more. The feelings were oblivious...
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𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘦𝘭 𝘦𝘺𝘦𝘴 by sleepydeku
𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘦𝘭 𝘦𝘺𝘦𝘴by ♡
(ANGEL EYES) ❝i like the idea, that someone, somewhere, is made for you. forever.❞ » naruhina drabbles
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The Tale Of The Uzumaki Twins by Naomi_Uzumaki_
The Tale Of The Uzumaki Twinsby Naomi Uzumaki
What if Naruto had a twin sister?What if he did it would it change the story?Well this is the story of the Uzumaki twins,Naruto and Naomi Uzumaki.Read their story to fi...
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Naruto: New generation of rangers by mickol93
Naruto: New generation of rangersby mickol93
Naruto had a hard life. He's been neglected by his parents over his young sister. After she was made into heir, Naruto's heart breaks and he runs away from home. Sakura...
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