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Am I In Love With Her (Editing) by uzumakigk
Am I In Love With Her (Editing)by gk
It's a Naruhina fanfic!! My OTP! Starts as a fake relationship. Read on to find how it gradually turns into a real relationship. It's cheesy af. ******* I suck at descri...
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Book 2 |Naruto Shippuden various! X reader by deste_4real
Book 2 |Naruto Shippuden DesteThatOneWeirdo
*Second book to 'Another Jinchuriki?!' After leaving the village to train for two years with her buddy Naruto and her Sensei Jiraiya, they return to the Leaf Village. Th...
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Womanizer(KakashiXReader) by marykitten5
Womanizer(KakashiXReader)by marykitten5
(KakashiXReader) (SenseiXStudent) Kakashi Hatake can be described as: Teacher,Stern,Avid Reader, A Closet Womanizer. The Copy Ninja has spent many years jumping from on...
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Book 1: Dancing With Lightning [Naruto] by quiet_wonder
Book 1: Dancing With Lightning [ Unique_Is_Me
Lightning struck the trees, tearing them apart. "Listen close." His mother always said to him. "The storms speak in a language that is their own. Listen c...
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❦ | S A S U K E | O N E | S H O T S | ❦ by Yondaime_sama
❦ | S A S U K E | O N E | S H O Dekudasai
includes : Sasuke's( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I DON'T ACCEPT REQUEST YET Some of this One-shots are not mine but to their Respective Writers/Owners | but half of this One-shots are min...
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Yep. That's My Twin... by haku-chan
Yep. That's My Val
A boy, my twin rather, looked over the horizon with his hands on his hips. "Yep... Today I'm going to fly like a bird." He took in a deep breath before jumping...
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[SMUT] Questions in Blind Sight by wellduhhhh
[SMUT] Questions in Blind Sightby 제시 쎈언니
"How unfathomable. I planned everything, the measures I would take up to my death and the circumstances that would happen in. The blood in which my hands would touc...
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Mistakenly Chosen 》SasuSaku《  by yerimbeam
Mistakenly Chosen 》SasuSaku《 by 🌸
He remembers everything but she remembers nothing. [Currently under massive editing]
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The Path of an Uchiha - A Naruto Fanfiction by CapricornSiren
The Path of an Uchiha - A Naruto Kim
Kotomi Uchiha witnesses her brothers go down a completely different path from hers, changing her life forever at a tender young age. Many people in the village expect he...
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Naruto One Shots by puddles900
Naruto One Shotsby puddles900
It's all in the title
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BoruSara: Protector by youmeanborutosdad
BoruSara: Protectorby youmeanborutosdad
It had been so long since Boruto returned to the hidden leaf village. He would've stayed and continued his journey and training with Sasuke , but now he has one sole pur...
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Kakashi X Reader | One Shots and Lemons by jordychann
Kakashi X Reader | One Shots and Jordy
MAY CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT//SEXUAL SITUATIONS AND MATURE LANGUAGE ALL art credits go to the artists of the photos used! Kakashi belongs to the creator of Naruto, I do no...
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Childhood Friends? | Kakashi X Reader by 1121bella
Childhood Friends? | Kakashi X Isabelle C.
You and Kakashi were great childhood friends until you had a fight about an S class mission you could go on. Kakashi didn't want you going but your goal was to go on an...
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Mature Student by NoOneImportant2211
Mature Studentby NoOneImportant2211
Kakashi x reader You were taken away by Lord Orochimaru when you were around 12 or 13. 7 years later you finally escaped and came back home to the leaf village. With lit...
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Control  by To_be_free_
Control by To_be_free_
(YN) Fenikkusu is a small relatively weak girl. Despite her size she makes up for it in speed and sheer will power. This isn't enough for her though. She wants to become...
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Sasuke Uchiha and I  by Books4_Ever
Sasuke Uchiha and I by Madeleine Randall
《Best Rankings - #1 in Naruto Characters, #2 in Naruto Fanfiction and #3 in Sasuke Uchiha》 "You know, I'm jealous of all the people that haven't met you." I bl...
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The Billionaire | Uchiha Boys by otsut-suki
The Billionaire | Uchiha Boysby 소라
Sasuke Uchiha has everything he desires and much more. But more is never enough. At least not for the Billionaire, as he secretly craves for the affection of his assista...
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The Three Musketeers| Different | Naruto Various x Reader | {Book 1} by _Happy__Aesthetics_
The Three Musketeers| Different | ♡NoobSlayer69♡
{Not Shippuden Book | Book 1.} ( I am cringey and I wrote this for fun. Don't bully me :( ) "Please don't go! I.. I'll miss you-..!" "This is for everyo...
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You Belong With Me || NaruHina by ParkPineapples
You Belong With Me || NaruHinaby piney
Hyuga Hinata is a shy, introverted girl who joins a new school. She soon finds herself fallen in love with the class jokester, Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto also starts to have...
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Bonding Journey by _BeautyinDarkness_
Bonding Journeyby 𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖞 𝖎𝖓 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐𝖓�...
WARNING. EXTREME SMUT CONTENT. Lady Tsunadae has entrusted Naruto and Gaara with a very important mission: a bonding journey. With the Sand and Leaf now nurturing thei...
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