Chapter 27

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Sakura's POV:-
It's been a month now. Since Karin transferred to our school.

The first time Ino mentioned her, I didn't pay her any heed. What could she possibly do? That is until I met her the next day.

She was very sweet to me. Like very. The guys were cool with her. I made eye contact with Hinata and she looked surprised too.

Confused? Well you see, no girl can be this sweet to other girls till they actually know her. It is a fact. Especially when that girl is crushing on your boyfriend. Which I was fairly certain of. I used to be in that position. I know the expression on her face when Sasuke was around.

He would usually be poker faced around her. Around everyone actually. He kissed me in front of her and she excused herself.

I felt sorry for her but I couldn't stop kissing my boyfriend because of that.

Ino called an immediate meeting and all the girls gathered in the girl's washroom.

"See what I meant?" Ino frowned.

I shrug. "I still don't think it's a big deal."

She rolls her eyes at me.

"Naruto talked to her and she understands." Hinata said

"And you warned her too" I say smirking at Ino.

She shrugs with a small smile.
"Only I get to make you feel miserable."

I laugh at her and shake my head at her. "Don't worry about it Ino. What could that girl possibly do to ruin my relationship...."

Boy was I wrong. Karin hanged out with us every chance she got. She actually talked to Sasuke. I mean he replied and all. Every time she hung out with us, Ino gave me a 'I told you' look.

But the thing that astounded me most was that the guys were pretty cool with her. They didn't even question her over friendliness or her poking her nose in our business. I guess not only Naruto but all the other guys including Sasuke are dense idiots.

"Now do you think we should do something?" Ino asks glaring.

"We can't isolate her. She is like part of the group now." I say massaging my temples. "And anyways....

"What could she possibly do?" The other girls cut me off. I blink and start laughing.

"She could trick me into seeing she kissed Sasuke but I trust him. I know he likes me..." I explain the meaning of my words as the girls nod and sigh.

"Trust me. She can't do shit to my relationship." I say smirking confidently.

Little did I know....

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