Chapter 31

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Hinata's POV

I look at the mirror and judge the outfit against my body. I would look acceptable. But I wanted more than that. After all it was my first date. Naruto was gonna pick me up for our first date. It was long overdue. And with the disagreement about Toneri and that Karin mess, I think this is the perfect time.

I was completely clueless about my dress and my hair and where he was taking me. I had called the girls 15 minutes ago and they were still not here. I was starting to get irritated and the wrath was felt by my poor cousin who happened to pass by room eating his hard earned, self made sandwich. I knew he was hurt.

What I didn't know was that Naruto was already at my home courtesy to Neji.

I sigh and get away from the mirror and stand against the window deciding to let the girls handle it. But where were they?!

I take or my phone and start dialing when two hands encircle my waist.

"Hey Hina." I hear his husky voice whisper in my ear and leaving soft trail of kisses along my neck.

I control myself from moaning and turn around in his arms surprised why he is here. He gives me a peck and grins.

"Hey..." I say suddenly breathless. He affects me so much you have no idea.

"I thought the date was not for another hour." I ask him.

"I know. But I heard you were moody and really pissed. So I took it upon myself to make up your mood. Best way to do that was to come here."

I sling my arms around his neck choosing not to make a comment about his cockiness because frankly he is right.

"I am definitely in a very good mood now." I smile

"Come on." He releases me from his embrace and holds my hand.

He looks through my closet with his eyes furrowed as if he has been given a very big responsibility. I giggle and he looks at me puzzled. I shake my head and he continues looking.

At last he picks up a dark blue tank top and light blue skinny jeans and some brown boots. He then picks up some accessories and gives them to me.

I watch him amused. He wanted us to be colour coordinated. He wore a white T-shirt with dark blue coat pulled up to his elbows and beige chinos with brown shoes and his crystal locket chain dangling and his blonde hair messy and wet.

"What?" He asks smiling knowing what I was thinking. I shake my head at him and go to change smiling.

When I come back in the room he was going through his phone but looks up and his face lits up with pride. He had taken out quite a simple outfit for me but if I ask him about it he will definitely say that I look beautiful, whatever I wear and I would be blushing furiously.

"No. I would definitely say you look best in my shirts." Naruto says smirking.

My face heats up as I look at the mirror. This guy...

I start to tie my hair in a ponytail when I feel a presence behind me. I look at Naruto behind me through the mirror frowning. He comes close and gently pulls the hair band off my hair and it falls back on my shoulders. He sets it while looking at me from the mirror. Then he smiles broadly giving me a thumbs up and I pull him into a kiss.

"Seems like we don't have any work here." Sakura's voice comes from the door. The other girls are behind her smiling smugly.

I hide my face in his chest as he chuckles. "You didn't come on time." He shrugs "...So I had to come and help my girlfriend. And now if you will all excuse us...we have a date to go to."

He leads me to his car and opens the door for me. I sit dazed. He chuckles when he sees I have not put on my seatbelt and leans from the driver seat. I, think he is actually kissing me and close my eyes. He laughs when he realizes what I am doing but kisses me nonetheless.

"You look beautiful" he says and gives me a last kiss on my forehead before he starts the car.

He drives for about half an hour before he stops the car in front of an old secluded building. He gets out and opens the door for me. I get out wordlessly observing the place. It was kind of creepy.

"Don't worry. Do you trust me?"

"Yes." I say without skipping a heartbeat and hold his extended hand.

He smiles and leads the way not to the building but the path behind it. He takes me inside the dense canopy of trees and creepers. We were walking on a temporary road. It was cleared wide enough for one person. So Naruto pushed me gently to the front and held my waist so I am not scared. As creepy as this date was, I smiled at his concern.

We walked for a while and his hands were suddenly off my waist and over my eyes. He comes close and asks me to step carefully.

"We are here." He removes his hands and I gasp in wonder.

The whole place was covered with Sakura trees and decorated with lights. In the middle there was a large tree with lights and under that a table was set and two chairs covered with white satin. And wind made the leaves from the Sakura tree fall and spread across the open ground.

I feel his hand on the small of my back and his breath erratic.
"Do you like it?"

"Are you kidding me? I love it."

He smiles and puts on some soft music.

"May I have this dance?"

"Yes you may." I giggle and give him my hand.

He pulls me close, his hands on my waist and his chin resting on top of my head as I rest my head against his chest. He held me so close that I felt that no one could take my happiness away from me at this moment.

We just swayed to the music, sometimes locking glances other times just close to each other.

"We never get to be alone so I thought something like this would be nice so that I could do this..." He kisses on my forehead on my cheeks and lastly on my lips "...and this..." He lifts me up and spins "...and this." He puts me down and gets down on one knee. What?!

He pulls out a ring and grins.
"This is a promise ring. That I will always keep you happy and share everything with you. I will beat those who even think of hurting you and I will wipe every sad memory with a happy, complete one. My heart belongs to you. Now and always."

I feel my hand over my mouth, my vision hazy with tears which finally flow free. I drop to his level and kiss him. My hands dig deep in his blonde hair and pull him close. I couldn't say anything so I let my kiss speak my emotions. His hand travel under my tank top and slowly rise, pulling me close. His kiss shifts to my neck and my head leans back enjoying his touch and giving him full access. He sucks on my soft point and I moan his name. Both his hands were under my top roaming over my bare body. He kisses me again on my lips and leans his forehead against mine, his breathing erratic and eyes full of emotion. He pulls his hand from under my top and holds out the ring. I gladly offer him my hand and he put's on the ring.

"Arigato. Naruto-kun. I promise to you too the same things. I will be there with you at every juncture of life, whether it is happiness or sadness but I really do hope you have no sadness in your life." He chuckles and kisses me on the forehead.



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