Chapter 36

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Naruto's POV:-

Kurama hands me the ball as I throw it again against the wall and catch it.

I take deep breaths to calm myself. This was going to happen sooner or later. But this soon! All because of that guy with ridiculously fluffy white hair.

I continue throwing the ball and catching it when I feel someone's presence.

"What are you doing here Sasuke?" I ask sighing.

"Tell me the truth."

"You believe those photos." I make a statement.

"You didn't deny them. Naruto, just let us help you with whatever this is. And if this is the truth, you are gonna lose a lot of friends."

I ponder on his words.

"You can't help me Sasuke. Those photos are not lying." I say finally looking at him.

He looks at me for sometime before turning and leaving.

"You are hurting a lot of people." He says before going

I throw the ball and but fail to catch it in time.


The next few days were hard would be an understatement.

I felt like a loner. None of my friends talked to me. Everyone was looking at me either with pity or anger.

I did my weekend trips to Tokyo despite this. I didn't let Anna know what was happening.

The next time I went to school, I saw prom posters all over the school. Prom would be after our final exams. Senior year was gonna end and I had lost all the good I had. I had lost her.

I saw Hinata for the first time since that day. She looked okay. I guess she has accepted the fact that I am a douchebag. Toneri was sitting with them. Beside Hinata. At my seat. I clench my fists and release. I do it again and again.

It looked like everyone was ignoring. Hinata was occasionally nodding at him.

I can't believe her. He does one thing and he is forgiven. He was totally being fake. I could see it very clearly. Why couldn't she?

"Toneri!" I call out as he is walking towards his car.

He looks at me and rolls his eyes.

"I don't talk to liars and cheaters." He says dryly

"Have you looked at yourself in mirror?" I say hitting back.

He glares at me but doesn't answer back. I scoff at him.

"What do you want?"

"Oh I want a lot of things. But right now, you stay away from Hinata."

"And who are you to say that?" He asks smirking as I refrain from attacking him.

"Just.... stay. away." I say and walk away.

Hinata. Hinata. Hinata. I repeat her name to calm myself.

Am I doing the right thing? Yes.
But Hinata? She didn't look like it but she was upset. She was crying. There was a sadness in her eyes. She was just putting on an act for everybody. I just hope she doesn't trust Toneri.

Please don't trust him Hinata.


Exams. I hate exams.

I look at the paper in front of me and sigh.

I start answering the questions. I had studied this with Hinata. We were also doing something else more than studying. I smile at the memory.

I hand over my paper after the exam to Kakashi sensei. I get up to go home. I am by the lockers when I bump into someone. I know who it is by her scent so my hands instinctively go around her waist to save her from falling on her butt.

Turns out, the bump wasn't forceful enough to make her fall. So now it was just the two of us, really close. My hands around her waist and her hands on my chest. We just stood there staring at each other.

She was suddenly yanked off my embrace and I came face to face with Neji.

"Stay away from her." He spats

I didn't want a fight so I put my hands up in surrender and backed off.


"Hey Mom." I greet giving her small smile.

She smiles back at me and then frowns. "Are you okay?"

I nod. "Yeah. I held her. After a long time." I smile sadly.

She ruffles my hair and returns the smile. "Why don't you..."

"No." I say leaving no room for argument and go up to my room.
"Well well. Look who it is?"

"Karin?" I ask surprised.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I ask glaring at her.

"Easy with the glares cuz. You are the one everyone's been glaring these days. I should probably thank you but eh."

"What do you want? If you are gonna just taunt me you should probably just go." I say turning away from her.

"I was in Tokyo last weekend." She states casually.

My eyes widen but I pretend to pay her no heed.

"I was visiting the college there. I don't think anyone wants me to be around in Konaha." She laughs

I laugh dryly. "Yeah, maybe I will join you. The two Uzumaki's who are not needed..."

"For Anna and Kevin?" She cuts me off.

I look at her surprised.

"How do you..."

"Why don't you just tell them?" She asks and I sigh.

"I can't."

"I can." She says simply and glare at her.

"You will not do anything like that. Kevin is my responsibility."

"How is he your responsibility? You are not his father!"

"His father is dead because of me!" I yell back but she remains unfazed.

"Even you know that's not true." Karin scoffs.

"If I had helped him, he would not be dead." I whisper.

"Does that girl know what's happening here? What you are going through?" She asks and I shake my head.

"Naruto please. Just tell Hinata. They all have the wrong idea about you!"

"Hinata is better off without me. I just make her cry."


"Why do you care anyway! If this is some plan for getting back Sa......"

"No! I am over him. I met a guy in Tokyo."

I blink. "What?!"

She starts blushing. "Suigetsu. His name. He is a year older than me. We hit it off instantly. He helped me with finding out information about you, Kevin and Anna. By the end of the trip we were pretty close."

"Oh." I say not knowing what else to say.

"I am shifting to Tokyo after high school."

I nod. "I think I will too." I say looking at her.

"I don't want you to. Anna should know about this. You have your own life. You have the person you love. Don't take it lightly." She says and without another word, leaves the room.

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