New story:- Chapter 1

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A young man in his early twenties with spiky blonde hair and blue eyes which hid a turbulent ocean behind them strode in his fathers cabin without knocking. He stood their glaring as his father looked at him calmly and motioned him to sit down.

The angry young man who had calmed a bit with his father's always cool face sat down opposite his father in a posh leather chair and made him self comfortable, his eyes and focus not diverted by anything, not even his father's steely calm eyes

'Father...' he cast his father a questioning look before continuing

' it true?'

His father said nothing but gave a curt nod which was enough to set the young man off.

He stood up quickly and the chair moved back swiftly with the sudden impact.

'Why Dad? Why? Have I not proven myself to be good for this company. You have trained me in business yourself and not to be cocky, but I am in a position to take over this company at any given point may it be after a few years or this very second.' He finishes as he waits patiently for his father to speak up.

You don't want to be but you are cocky. Minato thinks amused at his son's behaviour

He chuckles at his son's behaviour. There is still a child inside him. His son was pouting without even knowing.

He gets off his seat and walks towards his blonde son.. He suddenly engulfs him in a warm hug.


I stand there wide eyed, muscles tense not responding to the hug. I was surprised by this sudden action.

Dad was a different person at office than at home. At home he would be a quiet and happy man enjoying with his family while at office he would turn to a serious businessman who would be straight to the point even if he has to be be cold and rude. His behaviour in office would not change even for his family. The only exception being mum. He would always be on his best behaviour for her and that would always flatter mom. She always managed to bring a smile on his face.

My muscles relax and I hug him back.

'No one is doubting your capability Naruto. I have trained you and I know that you can take my place at any time but this is important. You have the knowledge but not the experience. You need to start taking everything seriously. You need to know the value of money before sitting in that chair.' His father says pointing to the chair he was sitting on.

He suddenly breaks the hug and looks at his son with a stern look
'So you are going to Konaha and that is final'

Naruto nods and smiles a bit at his father.

The young man who had strode in his father's cabin angry left with his head held high, hands shoved down his pocket casually and a soft smile dancing on his lips.


My eyes slowly open and I take in my surroundings. Before I can even ask myself 'Where the hell am I?', I remember.

I landed in Konaha on Tuesday and my friend, Gaara picked me up from the airport and showed me to my new apartment. He left saying he was gonna be out of town for a week so I have no one to hang out with this weekend. So I have pretty much spent the last two days sulking, sleeping or unpacking. I haven't explored Konaha much but it is beautiful....according to my mother. I can't tell because I was busy sleeping to do much exploring. We have our family home here but I am not supposed to stay there because I am supposed to learn the 'value of money.'

After accepting to live here for 6 months, ground rules were set:-

1. I will not disclose my identity to anyone. Actually I can. I just have to refrain myself from saying out loud that I am richer than Richie Rich

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