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          IN THE CAR PARK, the girl stood at her new friends truck, waiting so she could climb into the warmth and forget the cold world around her. Her fingers twirled the ear phone wires, causing a minor knot and a frustrated curse to blurt out from her mouth. Sighing she took another look around the car park, smiling gently when Bella came out of the main building – she was about to get into the warmth. However the girl took a while to just cross one small car park, so she decided to keep looking around. She saw Jessica and her group of friends around this truck which she knew belonged to Tyler, a red headed girl talking to what she assumed to be the girls boyfriend; due to the clinginess. Then the Cullen's. She saw the pretty blonde climb into the front seat with her boyfriend and the petite girl named Alice and the boy in pain climb into the back.

"You're so checking out the Cullen's," a voice said from behind her, making the girl turn around quickly with a blush coating her cheeks. She looked a Bella with a sheepish smile, but then turned her back quickly climbing into the now unlocked car. "I won't say anything, I promise"

"I was not checking them out." April muttered. The door on the other side slammed shut and she saw Bella smiling at her with the look on her face saying 'just admit you were' – which made April smile and laugh. She knew she wasn't checking out the group but something deep down inside her was screaming that she was. It was like something inside of her snapped at that very moment, something which was going to start craving to get to know the group of 5 strange teenagers. "They're different. Very different" April admitted and heard Isabella hum from besides her.

   "I get that feeling. They are different. But hey, we can start talking about them together now. Jessica was or still is obsessed about Edward." Bella started to rambled on about the Cullen's and Hale's and how people in school didn't interact with them much because they were socially classed as weird. They spoke about how Rosalie was pretty, Alice was weird, Emmett looked very strong, Edward looked mesmerising (as Bella was mesmerised by him) and how Jasper looked like he was in constant pain. They didn't bitch about them, it was more of a discussion about how they were so different yet so similar. They were adopted and yet they looked like one another. To Bella is didn't off as they might just all be from a close family background however to April she knew something was off about the group. How their skin looked the same, how they all kept to themselves, how they all looked like Gods; in some people's eyes.

   The girls conversation was ended when they pulled up at the Deutch household. April said a goodbye to Bella, saying she would want a lift in the morning and them fleeing off to inside the house. Inside her mother and father were talking among themselves dressed in their work clothes showing that they had just gotten back or were about to leave for a night shift. Her mothers eyes locked onto her daughter and a smile raced across her face. She gestured for her to into the living room; snapping her out of the posture she was in in the middle of the hall way. Her feet took her to the sofa and she sat down, bring up her legs and resting her chin ontop of them. Her mother started to throw questions at the girl about how was the first day, what were the people like, did she make any friends. The reason for her mother to be so into the girls school life was because April didn't like making new friends and she knew that it would be hard for her.

"Mom, it was fine. Stop rambling. I made friends and I met Bella today. So I wasn't alone at Lunch. It was great. I promise you. It was great" April assured her mother which was beaming with happiness. She was proud of her daughter as she was always. But in a new town, with people with different aspects towards life and how they act. The family knew it was going to be different and difficult but hoped for the best; which is what they got.

   April dismissed herself from the living room area and made her way to her bedroom. She pulled out books from underneath the bed and placed them on top, spreading them across so she could get her homework done. Slowly page by page, homework from homework the girls horror of it was coming to an end as she finished the last word of the sheet she was supposed to finish off in class but didn't due to it being her first day and wanting to leave the classroom as fast as she could. Then her hands slammed her homework down, before quickly shoving it in to bag yo be ready to be handed in, within the morning.

   The night once again was coming to an end. The girl eat her dinner alone due to the fact both parents left for their night shift they obviously forgot to tell her about. She showered peacefully and quickly before drying off and climbing into bed around 9:00pm – she deserved an early night. But little did she know that Alice Cullen was watching her with her homework in hand, wondering what must it take before April finally speaks to her without feeling intimidated and how could she get April and Jasper to talk without the tense rising in the air.


I am very sorry. This book hasn't been update in 21 days. But the reason for that was because I have been concentrating on my other Jasper Hale book and my Scott McCall one. I can assure you that not every update will be this short, but if I want them longer then I will need to apply more time; when I get the time as I have mock exams creeping there way around. So enjoy the chapter and if you want check out my other Jasper Hale one.

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