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APRIL WAS ON THE BALLS OF HER FEET, she was nervous to say she was about to meet her family of her newly found friend. She knew that's they were going to be nice, considering all of the reassuring Alice had been doing over the phone when Jasper called her. Currently Bella was texting her as she was on her way also to the Cullen household. The two girls were on the phone when Bella explained everything about Edward which only made the girl laugh and say she already knew what they were and Bella started to shout about how she didn't tell her but then went quiet after it finally sunk in.

A car pulled up before her and out stepped Jasper which was tense. Alice was in the back of the car, waving her hand in excitement. Laughing to herself, April jogged up to the car door which was now opened by a smiling Jasper. "Why thank you Jasper"

Alice was smiling from the back of the car and when the car pulled off the drive the girl was sent into a full on excitement mood. Alice was explaining how food was being made which was originally for Bella but decided that they would also make it for April as well just to be on the safe side. Alice also gave her a lecture on what to say and what not to say to assure she wouldn't make a fool out of herself in front of the family. Jasper was also adding in his opinions on how the night should go but said that she shouldn't worry because he would make her feel better – with his gift.

Therefore when the car pulled up in front of the nicely window house, the mouth of the girl dropped. The words she had in her mind wasn't enough to describe the house before her. It was like a dream inside her mind, the house was something she wished that she could live in and spend a lot of her time in, then she started doubting her mortality because the family would always be able to revisit the house a few decades or a century down the line. Another thing which grabbed her attention was house deep within the forest which surrounded the place. She thought about how the rain would capture the leafs causing the drops to fall ever so slowly. How the leafs would act as an umbrella and the dirt would be the people which hate it.

"April, come meet the family" Alice shouted as she stepped outside the can and flashed out of the place leaving the newest vampire and the human together.

April looked down at the floor before lifting her head up to see Jasper looking fondly down at the girl, "What are you looking at?"

"You have an eyelash in your cheek," Jasper said as eh watched the girl rub her cheeks to get it off, the girl,swatted at her cheek before Jasper shook his head, "Only kidding love"

"Curse you, Hale"


Most of you guys are patiently waiting for me to update and expect a long one but I couldn't focus writing this. I have rewrote this at least 5 times because none of it made sense.

I will try and make the next chapter longer, I will have to reread that chapter and the film before I haven't watched it in a long time if I have to be honest.

Japril will start sailing soon I promise you.

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