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          THE BELL RANG, showing that it was the end of lunch and then causing the table to groan as they have to go separate ways. Bella told the girl she had Biology next so she would most likely see her at the end of the day to give her a lift home before leaving her to figure out where her next class was. Sighing she picked up her bag and leaving the cafeteria the same way she came in. Her hands clenched onto the bag strap while she was holding the schedule for the other hand. Her eyes scanned across the paper, seeing the word 'PHYSICS'.

Walking to the door which was already open, she made her way to the teacher directly. The male teacher looked at the class then pointed to the empty chair next to the black haired girl which she remembered was Alice Cullen. April made her way over, sitting down slowly as the girl besides her gulped, pulling her sleeves down on her long sleeved top and placing it underneath her nose – blocking out the smell but then relaxing. Alice was looking at the girl which was now her lab partner strangle, trying to figure her out however she was getting a vibe she couldn't understand. Slowly the pixie like girl turned around making eye contact with her honey blonde brother raising her eyebrow. But the boy was just eyeing the new girl up and down like he was ready to drink her blood; admitting the the people around him what her truly was. Frowning, Alice shook her head getting the attention of her brother who then turned his head looking directly to the front and holding a tight grip upon his pen.

Neither, April or Alice made conversation in the first spare minutes they had in class. April was too busy messing around with her hands to even dare to think and her lab partner was also busy staring at her brother which was obviously having a hard time around some new blood. Around the whole classroom there were faint whispers about how they felt sorry for the new girl sitting next to a weird person or how they thought they would get along as they believed she was also weird – but nothing could yet be determined.

   The teacher began the lesson of by one of the famous lecture every high school class gets. Peoples head were slowly starting to drop onto the table due to the lack of excitement, some where still talking despite the constant glare the were given by the angry teacher and some like Alice, Jasper and April payed attention. They listened to every word he spoke, whether it was good or bad; insult or not they took each and every word into their minds and remembered it. A clapping noise occurred making the people who were practically half asleep, sit right up with tired expressions and disgust, people which were in their own worlds and conversations stopped and looked. And the three students which were already paying attention never looked away.

   "Right, so that's over," the teacher shouted in a happy manor, and then he started to hand out these sheets of paper which were something to do with physics out to every individual, "finish this sheet but answer in detail on each question. You may talk to the person besides you. Began" and with that the classroom turned into a children's play ground; voice booming everywhere, people shouting to the front form the back. Absolute mayhem in Aprils mind.

   April inched her chair to the end of the table when noticing the pixel girl besides her tuck her chair in more. She didn't want to come across mean but she didn't know the girl – only they story's which Jessica told her, and out of the two she believed Jessica more. Her eyes read across the paper, when she started to feel eyes staring right into the side of her head. Slowly, she tilted her head to the side seeing Alice with a big smile on her face looking back at her. "Um hello? Can I help you"

   The girl shook her head, then nodding her head down towards the paper, signalling she was half way done. The black haired girl looked at her brother once again who gave her a shake off his head however Alice ignored his gesture and began to spark up a conversation, "I want to talk, can you do that?"

   "I guess," April said finished the question she was on and then shaping Alice's actions from moment ago. Her eyes met her partners and saw they were a nice golden colour, but made a mental note not to bring that up because it might be personal. "What do you want to talk about then? I'm not very interesting, I can say that"

   Alice laughed, shaking her head, "I don't care silly, whether your interesting or not. I just want to hear, bore me to death if you want, I don't care," when the girl spoke it sent April in to a discomfort but that was soon replaced with calmness and then discomfort once again. She didn't know what it was, but there was something off with the girl when they spoke, like her mind was somewhere else along with her eyes as they never seemed to be on her but someone behind her. Aprils thought were cut short when a hand hit her shoulder, "are you going to talk? Or be in shock?"

   "I, um, sorry. What did you want to know?" April asked, mentally hitting herself because she sounded so forgetful at the moment.

   "Why you moved to forks? Favourite colour? First pets name? I don't know anything!" Her voice was loud to the girl but compared to the whole class it was like a hushed whisper.

   She started to mess around with her thumbs, picking the skin around the nail at force of habit but stopping when it became sore. Gulping she looked at Alice and began to talk, "well i guess, we moved here due to my mother job transfer. She wanted to work with medical I believe. I don't really pay attention. My favourite colour? Well I thinks it's like a shade of Gray – I've always adored that colour, it's not quite dark but it isn't bright either. It's the colour which sits in the middle to me; the one which appeals to my eye, stands out? Because it isn't to bland? I'm sorry if you don't get that. I just rambled"

   Alice was nodding constantly, like she understood and took in every word, and that's when she placed her hands together and smiled, "no, I totally get that about the colour. It's a sweet colour, dark yet sweet".

   The pair were then greeted by silence once again. Between the two you could notice the now formed tension, despite April opening up a little she's not  ready to be fully open. Then the bell rung, and a quite nervous April ran out of the classroom before her lab partner colour get a word in to say bye. So Alice was staring at the door in shock, until a gentle hand placed itself on her shoulder and she knew it was her brother. Alice smiled and the walked out the classroom with him. The silence was with them two but it was a more comfortable silence – considering they have known each other for quite some time and they have grew fond of this compatible atmosphere.

   The two approached the their brothers Jeep and stood outside of it await for the family member to come which had the keys – even though Jasper is the one which drives it. Alice looked up at her honey blonde companion with a brief cheerful smile.

   "Alice? What's wrong?" Jasper asked, looking across the car park, seeing a emerging Emmett and Rosalie in the distance.

   "April. She's going to a very good friend to me and even you," Alice said which drew Jaspers attention away from his other siblings. His eyebrow arched at the smaller girl. "Don't do that. You know she's going to get along with us"

   Emmett and Rosalie was by their sides before they knew it, climbing into the jeep meaning Jasper wasn't driving anymore. So they both climbed into the back, Jaspers eyes on Alice shaking his head, "I can't be around her, I can't Alice"

   Alice smirked, "well, I'll see about that won't i?". Making a smile appear on everyone's face – Jasper included.


This is chapter two, I'm sorry if it seems rushed but i promise you it isn't. I've had this chapter in my library for a while but unfortunately only up to this chapter which means from now on, the it will be longer for me to update. Maybe a week at the most. I promise i will try and update frequently and I will keep that promise.
Happy reading and Halloween.

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