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          WHEN THE FRONT DOOR OPENED, April just stopped. Something was just taken over her, it was as if, her whole body was just warning her that entering the house would be a bad idea. She slowly started to take off her coat before Jasper held out for the coat. He noticed that she was hesitant but never wanted t make her more uncomfortable with the whole situation so he decide to give a little look at Alice who shrugged and walked up the stairs. April witnessed the look the brother did to his sister but decided that she shouldn't really speak up as she felt out of place. Jasper held out his hand and she slowly grabbed it.

   "You'll be okay, I promise you" Jasper whispered as they walked up the stairs. April gulped as she heard muttering coming from the open kitchen. She could see the back of the blonde females head and a blonde male head. She could see Emmett and then a women she didn't recognise. She looked up at Jasper which frowned and shook his head at the family of vampires and then looked down at his mate, "Please ignore them if they say anything. You dot believe them"

   April nodded and then taken into a hug which she didn't see coming from their mother. The mother formally introduced herself and then went in for another hug. Esme smiled and gestured to the table if she wanted to help which April bit her lip and shyly declined the offer. The whole family could see that the girl was awkward and didn't really want to be in this situation she was thrown in but she did have to over come it considering these were her friends only with the humans.

   "Come on, I'll show you around" Jasper said pulling her away and up another flight of stairs. The girl was in awe, she was taking in the detail of the house and fro some reason, she was now fine. She looked over at Jasper which let out a small timid smile and held onto the girls hand tighter. He gave a little background about the most important things in the house, like the old furniture and the graduation caps. April let out a laugh when she saw the large amount of caps, Jasper would have been blushing if he had blood circulation, but to show his embarrassment, he hung his head down to the floor with a smile on his lips. April came to a halt when the male pushed open a door and walked in showing a small but unique room.

   Jasper walked over to his sofa in the middle of the room and sat down, patting r place besides him for the girl, "This is my room. Very plain I know"

   April didn't sit but she stood, skimming her fingers on every piece of furniture feeling the well varnished wood. She could see the sunlight coming through the window and reflecting down wood and it shining. Jasper from where he located himself was watching the girl intensely and he knew the girl could feel his stares but wautching her not being awkward made him more happy. April turned her head when her hand brushed up against one of his badges which he had when in the war and smiled.

"This is so cool," April whispered as she sat down holding the badge, "I cannot believe this"

   Jasper smiled and he watched the girl look over his things in awe. He joined her, sitting right besides her before telling her the story. April just sat there, listening to Jasper give his story off about how he was turned due to meet these three women. He spoke his story and all his true mate did was stare at him. It wasn't a look of horror but it was a look that he shouldn't blame himself of everything he had done. So when his story came to an end, April did the first thing she could think off.

She grabbed him by the chin, turning his head towards her and she gentle placed a kiss at the corner of his lips before placing them full on his. Jasper didn't know what to do, therefore he slowly moved his lips but removed them before it deepened.

"I'm sorry?" April muttered before placing her head on the boy's chest.

"I could handle myself if I hurt you" Jasper admitted before placing a hand in the girls hair and stroking it gently.


I am so so sorry that this is such a short and shitty chapter.
As you can tell, all off my story are coming to a halt but there is only one reason to that and that's my exams. I am focusing on them but I can assure you as soon as they are finished I will start updating again. Therefore I have given you this little chapter.

Japril kissed and that means endgame right?

I hope you can forgive me for not updating in almost two month.

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