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          APRIL WOKE UP, around six o'clock in the morning due to her mom waking her up as she needed to get the hospital for her new job. So that left her with her father who was located down stairs, sitting at the now clean dining table reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee in his hands. The girl danced across her room trying to find everything for the day before her, she pulled out her shoulder bag which then she shoved some pens inside – not wanting to be that annoying student which asks for equipment on the first day. With her bag all completed she got changed, then swiftly making her way down the wooden stairs to meet with her father for breakfast. Sitting down in front of a place which consists of one slice of toast and a glass of orange juice to the side, she started to eat. The table was silent, neither man nor daughter knew what to talk about as they knew nothing exciting has happened yet. But that soon came to an end when lifts from school came in contact.

   "Do you need a lift?" Martin asked his daughter which was still chewing away at her toast. She looked up, avoiding to open her mouth and nodded – making a mental note to ask him to drop her off outside the car park. So as soon April was finished she took her plate to the since alongside her glass and placed them in their, then walking towards the door down to the car which should be hers but her father hasn't got his car yet so she let him use it for the time being. "Excited?" The man asked his daughter once again trying to avoid the tension which was obviously in the air.

   She shook her head signalling no. She wanted to talk to him but she was nervous about starting this new school because people where going to try and get to know her which she wasn't really a fan off. They turned out of the street and the school came into sight. Placing a hand on her Dads shoulder, he knew what she wanted so he pulled to the side and let the girl out when the car had came to a stop. She got out of the car after they both wished eachother good luck. Avoiding everyone she could she made her way over to the building which read 'FRONT OFFICE', pushing open the doors she took a step in shaking due to the cold air outside and walked over to the desk which a old lady was sat clicking away at the computer.

   "Um excuse me?" April asked in a hush tone but it was enough for the women to stop what she was doing and look up with a smile on her face – happy to see a new face in the school, "I'm April Deutch. New girl?"

   The lady nodded, scanning the desk for what April assumed was going to be her schedule and possibly a map of the small school – who would need one when it wasn't that big? But then three pieces of paper was handed to her and she raised her eyebrow, "that's your schedule, a map of the school and a slip to hand to every teacher. Which you will bring back to me at the end of the day" she told happily as April placed everything in her bag – apart from her schedule –heading towards the door the lady called out once again, "have a good day"

   When she exited the front office, looking down at the now crinkled piece of paper her eyes fell upon her first period of the day. Dreaded maths. Huffing she made her way down the corridor, taking quick glances into a few of the passing classrooms which lead her to final stumble across the classroom she was looking for. Opening the door, she kept her head down low before walking over to the middle aged women explain she was new. The teacher nodded and pointed to the back of the class where two empty seats were – what a perfect start she thought. Maths seemed to go by fast alongside with her next three classes and before she knew it, it was lunch.

   The new girl made her way down the corridor heading for the cafeteria where she knew the majority people were be unless they were taking extra classes. She gently pushed open the door assuring it wasn't such a bold push so the attention wouldn't be on her – and thankfully it wasn't. She headed towards the salad bar which was in the middle collecting her lunch before looking round like a lost sheep for someone or somewhere she could sit. That's when her eyes feel upon Isabella Swan. A smile crept its way to her face as she made her way over, placing herself in the seat which was located to the left of the girl.

   The people which were sitting with Isabella were raising their eyebrows and a smile on their faces – another new girl which invited herself into their group. She placed her tray down on the table before taking her fork and stabbing the content in the bowl, "oh, sorry. I'm April." that was the words which flowed out the mouth of the girl which was now eating away at her salad. The group of friends came out in a chorus of greetings making the girl feel now more welcomed. The group of around 8 of them sat there discussing the lack of actives and how the school newspaper was dead. Before April had the guts to speak up.

   "Because I'm new? Could you please give me a run through who everyone is?" Her voice was timid which made Isabella grab her arm giving it a squeeze and a look which said 'it's going to be okay' – which actually meant something as she once was the newest newbie to the school before her.

   The one which introduced herself to be Jessica clapped her hands together in a very exciting manor. Her body turned, eyes skimming across the cafeteria wondering where to start. She looked back tapping April on the shoulder making her look towards the front of the place, away from the windows, "Well them ones are the ones which get into the most trouble – hence why the have a teacher standing close by," she then stopped pointing over to a bunch of girls and boys which dressed sporty, "They are the sporty ones, obviously..." The list went on from around 5 minutes until they came across a table which had two girls and three boys sitting at with trays in-front of them with messed around food, "now let's see if you have the same reaction as Bella here," Jessica said eyeing Ms Swan who was staring at someone from the table she was about to name. "The one which Bella is eyeing is Edward and the big guy next to the pretty blonde is Emmett Cullen. The little dark haired girl is also a Cullen, her names Alice. If you ask me she's pretty weird. And the two blondes they are Rosalie and Jasper Hale"

   April nodded her head she she now started to stare at the table but quickly turned back when Edward moved his gaze from Bella to her. "They seem pretty nice and good looking"

   Jessica agreed nodding her head, "the weird thing is, is that Rosalie and Emmett are thing and they live together. Edward and Bella have thing going on, have since she got her. And for Alice and Jasper they are single. I know I said Alice is weird – because she is – but out of the five of them, them two are the ones which can hold off from being in a relationship" the two girls which were now staring to be friends went silent but still looked over at the Cullen and Hale table but Jessica made April jump when saying "unless you have thing with one of them"

   April chuckled, raising her bottle of water to her lips taking a sip before putting it on the table, "not a chance"


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