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     VICTORIA WENT TO THE PHONE, her blood red eyes darting around the room, taking in her surroundings. With the plan she had formed; turn up to her house, ask to come inside and then put everything into motion, she had expected not to get far. If anything, she had expected to be turned away and not brought inside the house. Humans were so easily manipulated. Humans were so weak.

   Her pale ivory fingers gripped the phone, finger pressing down on the buttons, dialling the number which was smudged on the inside of her hand. It rung out, the person on the other end taking a while to pick up, but eventually they did. Heavily breathing in the speaker phone.

   "Hello?" It was her mate; James. His voice questioned the unexpected call, wondering how someone has managed to find out his number. As he had just got it when he reach his destination, "Hello? Who's this?"

   Victoria looked around, her other hand twisting the wire of the phone, "James? It's me"

   "Oh, hello, Victoria," you could hear the smirk on his lips, "What's wrong?"

   She checked her surrounds again, the family was sitting in the other room watching tv still, allowing this complete stranger in their house to do what she pleases, she sighed, leaning into the wall, "I just wanted to tell you that i'm here. I'm at the girls house. Her boyfriend isn't here. Just her and her parents"

James sighed, "Just don't do anything which will alert her vampire boyfriend. We don't know how he'd reach. Stay safe". The male vampire hung up the phone, wanting to get back to what he was originally doing; following Bella.

Victoria hung up the phone, walking into the living room, smiling stiffly at the humans. Their blood was pumping in their veins, the thumping echoing in her ears, she could feel her eyes changing, her blood red eyes going to a pitch black, hunger taking over. But she wasn't meant to allow the hunger to take over, but she's an animal, sometimes things like that happen.

Agnes and Martin look up at the red head, directing her in the direction of the arm chair in the far corner of the room. It was situated in a place which over looks the room, Victoria smiled again, walking stiffly over to the chair and sat down.

   She looked at the girl, her head was looking down to her phone, tapping away on the keys of the phone. Her lips turned up in a smile, her parents were watching the tv show. On the wall behind the parents was a hand knitted sign saying 'All is welcome'. The stitching was slightly rough, the threads sometimes not going in the correct place.  Seemed like a sloppy job to Victoria.

Victoria continue to look around that room, she could see the wallpaper starting to peel away in the corners, the once white paper turning a swampy yellow for some reason, mouldy most likely. Victoria could also see the fuzziness on the carpet, the loose threads tangled in one another. For some reason, everything around her was mesmerising, almost enough to make her forget what she was doing.

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