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          WHEN THE TWO VAMPIRES LEFT, April felt a bit lonely. Alice promised the girl that she would in fact pick her for school when Monday rolls around. April was happy with the fact, someone she didn't expect to get closer with was growing on her, but she was dreading with the fact Alice has decided she would show up and the crack of dawn and help her find out an outfit for the school day. When Jasper left with his sister, he just waved his hand at the girl but then she decided she would give him a brief hug. Jasper was a bit uneasy at first, clenching his jaw but Alice shot his a stern stare and he gave into the hug. April was in so unaware of what was happening in the farewell moments. That's how the pair liked it.

   Alice and Jasper then left and then the quietness of the room overtook the girl. April decided she would do the homework she had sitting at the end of her bed. Grabbing the papers in her hands, she read over the first question and groaned before walking down the stairs with the paper in hand and sat down besides her parents. Her mom and dad looked over at the girl with a raised eyebrow – as she decided to make an appearance down stairs.

   "Can you help me? April asked as she handed the paper to her parents so they could see the paper. Their eyes ran across the sheet, confused at the things school was teaching – something totally different to when they were at school.

   The dad took the sheet away, allowing the mother and daughter to have time together. April looked at her mom and then she saw the smile which was playing on her lips. "Mom?"

   "Them two people looked nice. Who are they?" Her mom chirped. She was happy with the fact that her daughter has finally allowed more friends round, rather then Bella, Jessica and Angela constantly. "I like them better, if I have to be honest. Well not as much as Bella".

   April nodded her head and then snatched the paper back out of her fathers hand when he spoke and answer. She grabbed the closest colour pen she could have and wrote the answer down and then handed it back to her dad which went tapping away at his phone. April watched her parents then from the arm of the chair. How they would constantly check up on one another and if they needed anything. April wanted something like that – a typical love story. Something which was cliché, something which was a fairy tale but she didn't know if she could have something like that.

   When her dad had finished telling her the answers for every questions he could figure out. She muttered a goodnight to them both and disappeared upstairs to where she climbed into bed and fell asleep, finally absorbing the  welt admitted information.


     The following Monday, Alice kept her promise but decided told the girl how she or her family would be turning up to school today because of the sunlight. The two sat on the other brunettes bed, talking about the myths that now exists with the modern day vampires. The spoke about how instead of burning in the sunlight they sparkle. Skin shining like diamond, repeatedly over the body. How instead of sleeping the coffins they didn't sleep at all. April was amazed with the fact this was how vampires have adapted rather than the ones which are in the stories books which scare the people.

"Alice, before you leave. I have one more question" April asked and Alice smirked before sitting back down on the bed.

Alice zoned out and the laughed, "I'm not going to hurt you silly. We don't feed of humans we feed of animals. It's so we can socialise with humans without being a threat to them," April was nodding her head at the information and then frowned her eyebrows together at the fact Alice managed to figure out which then caused Alice to snap her fingers together, "Some vampires are gifts, I can see the future. My brother Edward can read minds and Jasper he can manipulate the emotions"

April nodded her head and then said goodbye to the girl before walking down to the car which she would be taking to school. Alice had then informed her that she shouldn't say anything to Bella about the whole vampire information. Edward was going to reveal it sooner or later due to one of the visions she had. April said she would keep the secret to herself and that she wouldn't dare to say anything about it because then that why it would be a threat towards them and they would most likely have to leave because of it.

If April had to be honest, she didn't want her newly found friends to go. She knew she would be threat to the life style but they are trying to be civil with the people around them so they didn't want to harm her, in any way. April knew if she had to keep this a secret, then she would.


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