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          APRIL DID GO. She did go the beach with the group she sat with at lunch. She did spend time with each person there, mainly being joint at the hip with Angela. She did witness Bella walk away with Jacob Black while he left his friends to disappear on their own. She witnessed the group of friend fail at their attempt of surfing in the cold weather. She saw everything.

   When she was on the journey back, Bella had to inform her what conversation she had with Jacob about the Cullen's as she couldn't keep it to herself – also because Bella knew that the girl was friends with them. Bella spoke about the story and how Jacob descended from wolves and how the Cullen's were from this enemy clan; explaining why Edward didn't turn up. If April had to be honest, she was into the story and wished she heard it with her keen ears. April listened on how they were called The Cold Ones which made her just as more curious about the situation.

   Bella spoke about how she would be attending a book store to see if she could find anything and invited April to tag along which the girl nodded her head and mumbled an maybe. If anything, despite the curiosity, she was afraid what the Cold Ones could mean and what they could mean for the lack of friends again. April dismissed herself out of the car and stumbled up into her house.

   The lights were all turned off but the living room was illuminated by the pictures from the tv. The quiet sounds of laughed came echoing through the halls. The mother and father were watching a show which they both loved. April didn't bother sticking in her head to say hello to her parents. She only kicked off her feet and disappeared into the pitch black stairwell. The stairs decided to start creaking, therefore she ran up the last part of the remaining stairs and into her bedroom which was dimly light by her night lamp.

   April flopped down on her bed, reaching underneath and gripping a hold of her laptop which was slightly closed but not off. She clicked away at the keypad before clicking onto a website which explained everything to her about what Bella was explaining. However before her eyes could lay upon anything, Her phone screen light up and the icon was named Alice.

   Hesitantly, she picked up the phone and placed it to her ear, only to hear a little scream from the other side, "April! Hey! So I was wondering that if we could meet and hang out for a while. I really liked hanging out the other day so I was thinking maybe we can do it again? With coffee of something like that"

   April gulped, "Urm, sure. But I don't know it I can come out n–" she cut off when the phone hung up and instantly went over to her window where a tapping sound came. She went over to the window, seeing the little pixie brunette standing at the bottom with her hand held high and her eye catching smile on her lips. Being the polite person she is she gestured the girl up but saw the familiar blonde headed boy standing a few feet behind and she also nodded her head.

Alice and Jasper made the way up to the room without making any sound trying to make the parents unaware of their presence. The duo walked up the stairs and into the girls room holding a coffee cup in their hands which claimed to be theirs but they both knew they could just allow it to go stone cold. Alice handed the spare coffee over to April which took it with a smile on her face.

"So, how come you got here so fast? I wasn't planning on leaving the house or you coming in" April explained as the two unknown people sat down on her bed.

Jasper gave Alice a quick glance, "Passing through"

April nodded her head and Alice shot up from her space, slamming her coffee into the table besides her. She rushed out of the room, leaving the two in the room with the atmosphere tightening around them for a moment and then going to a relaxed atmosphere. April was looking at Jasper when he had his back turned to look for his adoptive sister. His jaw was clenched, posture in a way was humanly un-possible. She went to lay a hand upon his shoulder but he turned around, showing his coal black eyes.

"Are you okay? Your eyes?" April asked and Jasper shook his head and clenched his eyes shut.

"You're so close to knowing something. Something which I don't – nor does my twin sister – want you to know. But you're curious" Jasper said in a whisper. He expected for it to be harsh but he was impressed with the way it did. Looking at April in the eye he sighed while pointing to her laptop and lifting up the screen.

April decided that she would be brave and approach the boy therefore she did. She closed in on the space between the two and looked down onto the screen. Jasper pointed to a few words, lingering on the words Cold Skinned and Immortal. If anything, the boy didn't exactly understand why he was telling one of his darkest secrets to the girl but then again he knew if he told her it would save him from doing a lot of digging when the time come to it. Therefore when April read over the words Cold Skinned, Immortal and Drinks Blood, the girl couldn't help but gasp. With the information she was getting she was confused on what she should do.

Should she find something wooden like on the movies and stake him. Or shall she just talk to him about it. So she chose the respective one. She decided to speak to him about it. Jasper was taken back by the sudden move change. He looked at the girl in confusion, wondering why she would change her mind, "You're not afraid? At the end of the day I am a– Wait. You do know right?"

"Yes I do know that you're a vampire Jasper. I am not stupid and no, I am not afraid. That kind of mystery amazes me" April said as she looked at Jasper.

"So you're not even the slightest bit concerned that I could lose control? I am a vampire. I shouldn't be trusted, I am the weakest one out of my coven. April, I don't even understand how you're not running for your life because I am a dreaded monster which sits so peacefully upon your bed which could attack at any moment. If the rolls were reversed, I would've ran because it will show you that I am a weak person despite my bravery for being in the Army. But there is something so hypnotising about you, which leads me in and I haven't felt this way in years. Not since my human life"

"Jasper, I am amazed with the fact you can trust me with something you have been so deeply committed to for years. For a secret you ave kept for how long you have been this way. I am honoured with the fact you can trust me. We might have not gotten off to a very good start and i am saying this now, I am sorry but I really would appreciate it if you would give me the honour of giving mr a second chance?" April spoke in a way which she had never tried before and surprisingly made a Jasper chuckle.

"Please don't speak like that again. It's horrifying". Jasper said and extended his hand for the girl to take, "I'm sorry for my cold skin but I would appreciate if you shake my head and then we can start over".

The Deutch girl grabbed the Hales boy's hand and shook it and smiled goofily. "I'm sorry but this just needs to be said even if we're not but. And so the beauty fell in love with the beast"

   "Is that a film quote?" Jasper asked while his sister walked back into the room.

   "You're not as old as you look, you know Hale"


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