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"IM TELLING YOU, WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME". April muttered into her phone which was pressed against her ear. Bella ways just listening to the girl rant on about her encounter with Jasper in the car earlier that night. She didn't know what the girl was on about but she wanted to support her no matter what. "His hand was icy cold. Come round and we can talk about it more. Please"

"I'm going to La Push beach with the lunch table tomorrow. Jessica would have invited you but she couldn't find you. So do you want to come?" Bella asked.

April looked over at her calendar and smiled to her self, she had nothing to do, "Yeah, sure. I'll see you at tomorrow Bells. Remember to pick me up! bye"

   April ended the call after Bella chuckled and muttered her own goodbye. She started to pack away her books into her bag, she didn't even know why she had taken them all out, she didn't want too, she didn't even have any homework to do. So soon after she tided the space, her head hit the pillow behind her, the softness of the pillow made her relax and go into a nice peaceful slumber.


April pushed against the branches before her and landed right into an open patch of green. The scenery was peaceful, the green grass which had a few rain drops sparkled in the sunlight, the trees were a perfect distance from one another – atleast a few steps, maybe seven. The wildlife of the area wasn't much, an occasional bird flew past low by the floor, butterfly were surrounding the flowers which grew at the roots of the trees. It was absolutely beautiful. In amazement, the girl walked over into the open and placed herself right into the centre of the place and lying back. The clouds moved ever so slowly, a few forming figures which were not very noticeable. Closing her eyes she sighed. This was finally a place where she could relax and not get too stressed with the fact she was only still a new girl.

A whisper of a cough made the girl open her eyes and she saw a boy which looked like Jasper and his brother Emmett. She lofted her body up, looking at the two boys only to see the other three of their siblings to emerge from the forest line. Bella walked in tow behind Edward like she was hypnotised by him – like every other girl according to Jessica. Jasper smiled, placing his hand upon the girls only to watch her flinch at the coldness of his hands and the sudden temperature change of the atmosphere as the other siblings approached. She saw Bella smirking slight, resulting in her to lean forwards and grab upon the girl but instantly let go when feeling she was the exact same temperature.

"What's is this?" April asked in wonder as she saw each individual one look at one another. Each look gave a look of consent – apart from Bella and Rosalie. However Edward reached behind him and brought out a little girl which look just like Bella – a child. "Is this so,e sort of sick joke? This isn't real, I'm dreaming"

Bella sat down on the other side of the girl, snatching up her hand as she look right into the girls eyes with her own golden, "This is our life April, we were meant to be this way"

"What way?" April asked, wriggling her way out of the two not normal temperatures.

"Like this" Bella said as she lunged at the girl, the rest of the people licking their lips in hunger.


April shot up in her bed. The sweat was beading on her forehead, bringing up her back hand she wiped it leaving herself shaken on the bed. She looks curiously around the room as she didn't know what to think about her dream. She didn't know if she should call Bella and talk about the dream over night and then fall asleep with her on the other end or if she should just sleep and not talk about it again until it is in fact needed; which it most likely isn't. Therefore she pulled the blanket up around her face, slowing down her breathing trying to allow herself to go back into a slumber.

She tried counting sheep which didn't work, then thinking of random names it didn't work and then she allowed the dream to replay itself – the part she remembers – and soon found herself back in a place which she had also stood at; her locker.


She stood at her locker, taking out the daily things and then closing the door slowly only to be greeted by a kiss on the lips by the blonde boy. A smile made it way on his and her lips before the linked hands and walked down to his locker which was right before their next lesson. The two walked in silence but soon came to halt. The boys eyes locked with the girls and her frowned, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I was just thinking about what you told me the other day" April muttered as the boy then closed his locker and guided the two to there seats which were one in front of another, "It's just hard to grasp"

"Nothing is hard to grasp in a town like Forks" The blonde muttered as he leant over the table and pressed a short yet sweet kiss upon her lips making her cheeks glow a bright red and a laugh to come from the boys lips in a manor which was music.


I dislike this chapter so much but you guys deserve to have an update. I am aware that this chapter is short, I have been messing around with the plot line therefore I am having difficulty with it however I am hoping that soon I will get into the swing of things with this book and make up for all the short chapter.
This chapter alone was underneath 1000 words and you don't understand how many times I would apologise if I could.

But anyways, I will update whenever i have the time and I hope you enjoy. What did you like most about this chapter – despite the length. What do you wished you could have changed?

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