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          Can I just say that I am tremendously sorry for the lack of updates on the books and the majority of my books in general. I've been suffering with a lot of writers block recently and have been for a very long time, so it just came to a point to which I've put the majority of my books on hold and stayed away from the account for a while.

I felt as if, that if I tried to write a chapter (which I have indeed been trying) I just don't felt proud of it. For example, my last two chapters have been so short because I wasn't in the right mind set for it all. I just don't want to disappoint you guys, you don't understand how much this support means to me and how much I love reading the comments you guys leave, like when you are excited for the next chapter or when something cute happens or even if I make a mistake like the time I wrote 'shake my head' instead of 'hand' but accident, it just makes me happy. I just don't want to write something and you guys feel as if it wasn't satisfying enough and then not return. I don't want to do that to you guys.

When I haven't been updating, I've still been here. I've been watching you guys when you comment, add to your library's and vote. I've watched you and as creepy as that sounds, I've tried to get back into the mind set of writing again because I know you want more but I just can't give you that. It's like, I've always been passionate about writing and because I'm passionate I want to continue doing it. I still am passionate about writing, which is why I'm making this note right now to explain myself to you all.

Alright, I'm going to now talk about the plans for Beauty. This is where I hope I give you guys satisfaction for the book.

I have always loved writing the Japril scenes. It was that relationship I thought of in my head which made be decided to start writing this book. I sat there on my IPad and was wrote down everything I wanted include, the side characters and where I wanted to take this story. All the plans are still there and still in the ready.

The next thing which made me happy about thing book at the start, was when i built up the relationship between April and Alice. I wanted it to be weird and just an acquaintance stage for the first time, like making them be weird to one another and simply just rude. Which it did and then developed slowly.

The reason for why Beauty hasn't been updated is because I haven't been in the characters mind set. I've been in my character from 'Demoralized' which is named Aura. April and Aura (conveniently both A's) are very unlike. So I was afraid that I was going to be writing the wrong personality traits for a character.

Alright, this is where I make a promise which I will most definitely keep. I will update this book hopefully by Wednesday 8:00pm UK time. I can only say it will be short but not as short as the previous ones.

OKAY, I'm finished. If you have questions you would like answering, leave them below if you want or not. I don't mind. But I hope you understand why I have been on Hiatus for a while unexplained. I even added it into my bio.

remember; vote and comment!
love you all x

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