Downworld Rave

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Echo walked into Isabelle's room just as she handed Clary a tight black dress.

"Echo, come to join the fun?"

Clary disappeared behind the divider, "Figured I needed an outfit to blend in."

Isabelle gave a wide smile, "Perfect! I have just the dress for you."

Isabelle pulled a dark red dress from her armoire, the dress had an asymmetrical hem, one side was short and the other side dangled to about ankle length. The top of the dress was haltered and the material closely resembled a glittering stars.

Echo took the dress in her hands as Clary emerged from changing. Clary looked over at her sister, "What happened to your hair?"

Echo gave a heavy sigh, "I don't know, don't ask."

Echo brushed past Clary and dressed in the fabric.

The dress looked bright against her newly pale skin and the golden flecks of the material glittered in the sunlight. Echo pulled out from behind the screen and Isabelle handed her golden heels. Echo looked over at Clary and saw that her sister looked Echo's age.

"Absolutely not."

Isabelle bit her lip, "Absolutely yes."

Echo adjusted the dress in the mirror and stepped back just as Jace came into the room.

"Someone's looking badass."

Clary blushed and Echo exited the room along with Isabelle who was envisioning what Alec would wear to the party.

When they got to the Control area, Isabelle touched Echo's thick locks, "I like the colour."

Echo looked at Isabelle, "Thank you?"

Isabelle gave a simple smile and called Alec.

Echo sat at the table she was previously at when they were talking about Magnus. Her Stele was in her hands again and she glanced up at Alec and Isabelle who were in the training room readying weapons.

Alec had told her to rest when she can and that he would be giving her a Seraph blade. Echo had declined it, but Alec had been insistent and set the blade on the table in front of her.

As Echo twirled the Stele in her hands, she couldn't help but think that Alec really didn't like Clary, but he liked Echo. She thought this was strange. Shouldn't he dislike them both? They both ruined their missions and the sisters are both making it so that they go against the Clave. Why is Alec doing this?


Echo was now standing with Jace and Clary in line to enter the rave sight. Echo didn't care much of what Clary and Jace were saying, but was more focused on the vibe and the feeling she got from the place. It's as if she could feel the Warlock inside. Alec and Isabelle soon joined them.

"All clear."

Echo gripped her elbow and stood with effort.

"Do you think red's my colour?"

Echo scoffed, "With a body like yours everything is your colour."

Isabelle smiled and touched the necklace, "Damn, I make this necklace look so good."

Alec rolled his eyes, "Take it off, I'm certain Magnus Bane doesn't want drool on his ruby when we make the exchange."

Echo gave a small smile as Isabelle made a comment.

"Can you just give it to Jace?"

Isabelle took the necklace off and when she passed it to Jace, Echo notice the ruby slightly shimmer as it passed over her. Nobody else seemed to notice the act of the magical gem.

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