First Secret

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They all piled into the horrible van again and Jace gave Simon directions on where to go. It took them almost twenty minutes to get to the Silent City entrance.

Alec was the first to push himself out of the van with a huff. The rest of them followed with sour expressions.

The team stood for a moment to take in the eeriness that surrounded them. Alec didn't care much for the suspense, "Let's check it out."

Before Echo could move in the direction of the entrance, Alec set a hand on her shoulder, "Wait here."

Echo gave a slight sigh but stood where she was next to Clary and Simon. The tension between her and Clary was awkward, but Echo knew that this was just Clary's attitude about the situation. Simon stood with his hands in his pockets giving the girls a look of curiosity.

Echo took a step away from Clary and put her naturally cold hands next to the fire that was created. The fire wasn't cold, like in her dream, but natural which she appreciated. She closed her eyes for a moment, preparing herself. Echo and her sister were about to be thrown into a world where there mother never wanted them to be apart of.

Echo's thoughts went to her earliest memory. She was a very young girl and the only thing that she could remember was a fire. Jocelyn was holding her in her arms and Echo watched as the house in front of her burned. They were a significant distance away that the fire only felt like a warm breeze. But Echo could have sworn that there was somebody, a boy, locked inside of the house as it burned.

Her mind involuntarily shifted to another memory of a towering glass building. The building dissolved into the blue of the sky, but she could still see the outline.

"Clary, Echo."

Echo was pulled out of her memories as Jace casually called their names. Echo shoved her hands into her jacket pockets and followed Clary and Simon. Clary took Jace's hand and Echo had a pit in her stomach. She glanced at Simon and Simon glanced at her. They were both in disapproval, but they followed.

Echo made an effort to watch where she stepped. The ground was entirely too bumpy and she was afraid she would slip. As she put her arms out to balance herself, she caught sight of the rune on her exposed arm. She looked down and gently touched the mark with curiosity. She only ever had one other rune, and that one had faded when she was seven. The Angelic rune.

Somehow, Simon and Echo made it to Alec and Isabelle before Jace and Clary. Echo kept her hands in her back pockets, fully aware of the Seraph blade. Simon on the other hand, looked completely out of place. His plaid and hipster glasses, made him look like the Mundane he was. He rocked back and forth on his feet and gently whistled and hummed a tune to one of his band songs.

The rest of the walk, when Jace and Clary caught up, was short and uneventful. Simon kept his hands in his pockets and Clary looked like the young Shadowhunter she was supposed to be. When they approached the Silent City gate, Clary paused and sighed, "I can do this."

Simon leaned toward her, "Yes you can. You're Clary fricking Fray, you can do anything."

"Clary, I can do this if you don't want to." Echo said taking a step forward.

Clary looked over at her sister, "I got this."

Echo looked defeated, she knew she couldn't make up her sister's mind.

Echo looked over at the gate while Jace forbid Simon to enter the Silent City due to the fact that the runes could kill him. Echo knew this was true.

"He isn't lying," Alec said taking a step forward, "The Silent City will kill any Mundane that dares to enter. So please."

Echo got the sense that Alec really didn't like Simon, just because of what he is. Isabelle offered to watch Simon while Jace lead Clary into the Silent City. Clary gave Simon a hug before she followed Jace.

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