Valentine's Experiment

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Echo kicked a screamed as she was pulled through a portal. Two Shadowhunters had both hands on either of her arms in a vice like grip. Both of the men had red Circle runes burned into their skin. Echo tried to pull out of their hold, but the sudden demonic episode she had had put a strain on her energy.

The two men pushed Echo down onto her knees when they landed at the designated area. Echo hit the solid ground, and groaned. It wasn't a second later that a pair of shoes were visible. Echo slowly raised her head and to her shock, Valentine stood above her with a Stele in his hand.

Echo tried to back up, but she bumped into the Circle member's legs. Valentine had a smirk on his face as he bend down to Echo's level.

"My, my, what a thing you became. You and your brother were stunning."

Echo spit at Valentine as she could feel malevolence drip from every surface of his being.

Valentine gave a snort, "Such a spit fire, you are!"

Echo looked around the room blindly, "Why am I here?"

Valentine gave a sweet smile, "You're going to tell me where the cup is."

Echo clenched her teeth, "What makes you think I know where it is?"

Valentine stood up and he towered over Echo's cowering body, "Because I know Clarissa showed it to you."

Echo spit again, "I am never telling you."

Valentine sighed, "Then I have no other choice." He jerked his head up and Echo was suddenly being hoisted up by her arms. The Circle members pulled Echo into a tall cell and locked the door. Echo pressed herself against the furthest wall as Valentine approached her with a needle in his hand.

He tapped it a few times as he looked at her, "This should make it so that pesky teleportation doesn't work." Valentine roughly grabbed Echo's arm and pushed the orange liquid into her system. The liquid burned, but Echo didn't let a sound from her mouth. Valentine retracted the needle and gave another sinister smile, "Oh my daughter, Echoella. You are a very interesting subject. Why Jocelyn had to hide such an incredible child, is beyond me. But I hope to make up for lost time."

Valentine stood up and walked out of the dirty room as Echo let out a strangled cry. Every inch of Echo's body felt as if it were dipped in acid. The pain that Echo was feeling was excruciating and she couldn't get away from it. Echo let out another cry and thick tears were streaming down her cheeks.

With each breath, new pain emerged and intensified. Echo couldn't count the minutes or hours, but eventually the pain nullified enough that when she took a breath it didn't sting any longer. When the pain had subsided enough for her to move, Echo slowly stood up with the help of the cell bars. Echo looked around the room and spotted a green orb floating in the center of the room.

When Echo noticed a body in the center of it she pushed herself forward.


Echo pushed herself into the bars to try to get a closer look. Jocelyn was stationed in the center of the orb, unconscious and unharmed.


"Ah, yes your mother," Suddenly Valentine was in Echo's vision, which made her retreat back to the furthest bars. Valentine leaned against the cell looking at Jocelyn.

"Jocelyn was such a good mother to the two of you." Valentine looked at Echo, "You and Jonathan I mean."

Echo swallowed and looked at the man that called himself her father.

"You experimented on us."

Valentine gave a glee smile, "I did and you turned out perfect."

Echo let her hate show, "How would you know? Jonathan is dead and Jocelyn took me away from you."

Valentine gave a short laugh, "Jonathan isn't dead, Echoella. Jonathan is very much alive."

Echo's posture sank, "What?"

"Your brother is alive. I raised him in Idris. He became quite a stellar son. Although, he doesn't possess the powers that you have, you have far greater abilities."

Echo cursed to herself. If she hadn't ran off, she wouldn't be in this mess.

"What are you going to do to me?"

Valentine seemed to light up at that question, "My dear. You will first tell me where the cup is. However, that is not the only reason you are here." Valentine pushed away from the cell and to a table with vials of glowing liquid, "I saw you teleport when you were at the gates of the Silent City. I want to see what other abilities you have hidden in you. I want to see just how powerful you really are."

Valentine picked up a vial of translucent red liquid and examined it, "I believe you to be more powerful than your brother. Perhaps even more powerful than me." Valentine turned to look at Echo still with the vial in hand, "If that is true, I have no choice but to put you down."

Echo's eyes went wide as she knew what Valentine meant; he wanted to kill her so he could be the most superior being.

"Threats don't work on me."

Valentine set the vial down, "Oh, but I think they do."

Valentine snapped his fingers and the two Circle members from before rounded the corner, "Take her to the basement, I want to run a few tests."

Valentine disappeared around the corner and the two Circle members unlocked the cell and dragged Echo out, not caring if they hurt her in the process.

Echo was dragged through dark, dank hallways and down a flight of steps. But when she entered the room she started to struggle. The basement contained a chair, much like a dentist's chair, but much more filthy. What made Echo react were the ugly restraints attached to the chair. If she were to be strapped into the chair, she wouldn't be able to get free.

Echo struggled has hard as her body allowed, but the Circle members were strong and had managed to get Echo onto the chair. They tightened her arms and legs to the chair first so she wasn't able to kick free; then the chest and the head restraint were last. Echo's chest heaved at how terrified she was. She tried to move from inside the straps, but nothing budged. Echo swallowed and forced herself not to cry.

The Circle members stood at the edge of the room with their hands clasped behind their backs. They stood unmoving for so long that Echo had though they had turned into statues, but when Valentine entered the room, they took a step to the side.

Valentine entered the room with joy on his face and a cart full of liquids and needles was being pushed behind him. The Circle member pushed the cart next to Echo and Valentine strode up to her face. He took his large, callused hand and gently caressed her cheeks.

"I didn't want to do this Echoella, but you peaked my interest in what you can do."

Echo eyed the cart, "What is all of that?" Echo's voice was tight.

"Poisons, potions, remedies, blood. Many of which have killed a normal Shadowhunter, but you are special."

Valentine pulled away from Echo and picked up a needle that was full of black blood, almost ichor. Valentine showed Echo the needle.

"Demon blood of my own creation. Many different species of demon blood is in this needle. I need you strong for our next activity."

Echo pulled at the restraints; Valentine smiled at her struggle.

"Tell me where the Mortal cup is."

Echo swallowed, "Never."

Valentine calmly sighed, "I can't say this isn't going to hurt."

Valentine took the needle and pushed the ichor into Echo's arm.

Echo let in a strangled breath and suddenly started to seize.    

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